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I got some Afghan Kush beans i will report in a few weeks about germ.

Someone tell me it was a big yeilding mind bending strain.

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I ordered some seeds from them too, the Pakistan Ryder. I figured they’d be a good bet since I am actually growing them in Pakistan.

Out of three, 2 have germinated. Its too early to tell the sex, but even though they are feminised auto-flowering, I have found people online who have said that their plants turned out to be male and not autoflowering.

I also read some bad reviews of their afghan kush ? ryder.

I am hoping that those were one off problems and that they have resolved their problems.

Will let you know what happens with mine.

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I got 3 x Afghan Kush Ryder and 3 x Mazar Great White Shark. All were placed into riot roots under a 250w envirolight, they all popped up within 3 days. I only have them in Canna organic soil and they are some on the healthiest plants I’ve ever had. The Mazar Great White Shark is 21 days old from seed and is massive, even bigger than the Afghan Kush Ryder, the leaves are bigger than my hands. The Afghan Kush Ryder did autoflower as described Started smelling after about 16 days

I would recommend this seed company

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Maybe I spoke too soon, the Afghan Kush Ryder are sound, however, one of the Mazar x GWS seeds I gave my mate is a HERMIE

1 week 4 days of flower and showing male and female flowers


i havent grown the strain you have got ,but i grew there brazilian amazonia strain and it was great.
good quality stuff

i have some of there other strains but have not grown them out yet

Hello! I have ordered and received 2 World of Seeds Pakistan Ryder seeds. This is my first time ordering a World of Seeds bean. My main concern is….. is…

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The order came quickly. Everything is packed very safely. Thanks for the shirt. You have a lovely shop.

Seeds arrived soon and neatly disguised…

Seeds arrived soon and neatly disguised in a T-shirt. So far I’m pleased with service and shipping. I pray the God of seeds that they are viable and germinate strong and healthy.

Everything great I thank them for there great service …

Have received thank them even gave free extras I would definitely order again

Best atencio and best products.

Best atencio and best products. Great choice

33% germination

Planted three got one.
$10 pre seed unacceptable! I have been growing for many years wont do it again!

Simply guys You are the best

Fast shipping and neat as expected

i always use this firm for my seeds i…

i always use this firm for my seeds i think its great but the only reason im giving 1 star is because its never on time and very late i payed extra for a 5-12 day delivery and its been 3 weeks now and still havent recieved my product and when it comes to these kind of items it is very important to be in time as it can set back your whole cultivation process and you could miss your time frame you have anyway always a pleasure have a great day


Arrived, no crushed packaging. Delivery took 30 days, not 20 days.
Unfortunately, the Parcel Tracking is useless. It still reads the package is in Spain while it’s been delivered in the USA.

World of seed is my #1 choice.

World of seed is awesome.Great product and service.

Fast delivery time but only 2 of 3…

Fast delivery time but only 2 of 3 seeds germinated

Extremely disappointed. Worst “seed” company I’ve ever dealt with.

Communication: 3/10
Packaging: 0/10
Quality of Seeds: ?/10
Timely Delivery: 2/10
Satisfaction 0/10
Total : 5/50 (10%)

I ordered my seeds on Nov 27 2020 the payment was immediately taken from my account, email sent to me, no issues there. however on December 21 I sent an email asking for an ETA on my order as it had been over the 20 day max time limit mentioned on the site ( I gave it a bit more time as obviously there are mail delays around this time and we are in a global pandemic.) On Dec 22, this was my reply “GOOD MORNING, THEY TELL ME THAT IT IS ABOUT TO BE DELIVERED AT DESTINATION. THANKS” I still hadn’t received my seeds and thought it might be due to the back up of packages being sent due to the holiday season. I decided to wait a few more days before sending a new email. On Jan 02 2021 I sent another email asking if they could send me an updated tracking code and got no response. Jan 6 2021 send another email asking for any help. again no response. Jan 13 2021 I send a final email this time a bit more forward asking for a refund as at this point it has been over 40 days since placing my order. ONLY WHEN ASKING FOR A REFUND DID I GET ANOTHER RESPONSE! they asked me to wait until Monday. Package received Jan 16 2021. 50 days after ordering. While I understand that Shipping time’s can’t be helped, please update the possible shipping times on your website to reflect realistic times.

While Shipping has many reasons on being late, Packaging does not! The seeds I received were beyond damaged. They mailed it in a bubble mailer, between a flimsy piece of carboard! I could not understand how a “SEED COMPANY” could not understand how fragile these seeds are! 14 out of the 17 seeds I ordered were crushed into a fine powder. and both of the “free seeds” were destroyed as well! Sadly I will probably never find out how great or bad the genetics on these are because of the saddest excuse for “shipping” I have ever seen!

Quality of seeds:
Unless someone knows how to pull DNA from a fine mist that are my seeds the world may never know.

Timely Delivery:
Just adjust your shipping times to be more realistic moving forward please. 50+ days should be more accurate.

If I was into BDSM this would probably be a 10/10 however I do like myself and can’t imagine anyone else in the world wanting to subject themselves to this and PAY FOR IT!

Find a better seed company! Skip this one, save yourself some time, money, and headaches. I know this will probably get ignored under the “tons of totally real reviews.” But I urge you please sort by lowest no matter what company your are reading up on and come to your own conclusions.

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