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All cannabis strains from Vancouver Island Seed Company

indica-sativa mostly-sativa mostly-indica sativa indica

1.3G offers a visual display of colour whi.

This Indica / Sativa cross is extremely fl.

Blueberry x Burmese B-Bud is an extraordin.


Bitch is Sativa-ish in her nature with a s.

Black Velvet

Black x Burmese This is a hybrid of Indica.


This Indica cross is a wonderful addition.

British Columbian

The Romulan and Burmese cross just made se.

Bud Lite

The ultra smooth flavoured dense buds of t.


Easy to grow, easy to clone. Very stable.

Bush Bud

Mostly sativa, this F1 has all the vigor o.


This Indica/Sativa hybrid brings together.

Mostly Sativa the KGB crossed with the Bur.


Heavy dense resin coated buds are this pla.

Dubble Bubble

Anyone who’s grown both of these plants.

This hybrid is an enjoyable addition to an.


This is a flavourful mix of the Blueberry.

Fucking Incredible

This Indica hybrid was developed from two.


Dense bud upon bud rigid with resins her p.


Named for the plants exceptional colours a.

This is another flavour motivated gene mix.

KGB is one of VISC’s finest creations. A.

I’ve always had a spot in my room for an.


A cross between these two powerful Indicas.


Mostly Indica the Black offers lots of pur.


The Mystic is a hybrid that is best descri.

Nagano Gold

Don`t let the name fool ya. You get more p.


Breed originally for the outdoors this qui.


This hybrid is a pragmatic crossing of the.


The bounty is bound to be good when you wo.


When you start with these world class spec.

The potent stone of the Romulan genetics h.

Silver Streak

Silver Streak is a busy stone from a bud t.

This addition to your garden offers such a.

This cross adds the Fucking Incredible Ind.


How sweet it is when you`re toking. henc.

THC is mostly Indica; her parents are two.


An easy to grow cross that delivers on its.


Blackberry x FI. (Fuckin` Incredible) This.


A stabilized cross of Burmese and Super Sk.

Fucking Incredible brings improvement to t.

This 100% Indica has the vigor of a hybrid.

More info about Vancouver Island Seed Company

Over 22 years ago we began our quest for discovering the ideal Cannabis plants in which to breed some of the finest handpicked breeds that were available. Time flies when you are doing something you enjoy – it has taken the Vancouver Island Seed Company 15 years so far to create the 199 breeds that can be grown. The more TLC you give them, the more you reap the benefits. In soil we find our breeds do best in pH 6.4 to 6.6, for hydroponics the best pH is 6.2 to 6.3 – that works best. At Vancouver Island Seed Company we always strive for Best Taste, Best High, and best of all, easy to grow! Good luck and have fun.

All info about the cannabis marijuana seed breeder Vancouver Island Seed Company! Over 22 years ago we began our quest for discovering the ideal Cannabis pla…

Vancouver island seed co

As part of our mission to help repair the world, we place a high priority on education and community outreach. Our intent is to encourage sustainable, organic growing practices through knowledge and support. We believe in the principles of eating locally produced food whenever possible, sharing gardening wisdom, and teaching people how to grow from seed.

Top Quality Assurance

We are proud to provide the very highest quality selection of seeds, and to maintain that quality through rigorous testing. Our independent, government-certified seed laboratory conducts regular, intensive trials to ensure that our seeds meet or exceed the Canada Number One germination rate. West Coast Seeds only offers non-GMO, non-GEO seeds, that are never chemically treated.

Community Support

Each year West Coast Seeds supports groups and organizations worldwide, through seed donations. We are proud to partner with a number of honourable causes, allowing us to promote sustainable organic growing practices. By providing seeds and materials in support of growing and environmental education programs, we continue to build community relationships and encourage others to join us in our mission to help repair the world.

West Coast Seeds: Untreated seeds for organic growing – hundreds of non-GMO vegetable, flower, and herb seeds and organic growing and sustainable farming.