tropic fire strain

Tropic Thunder

Compact but vigorous, Tropic Thunder is a high-yielding Indica that’s easy to grow and thrives in all conditions. Good stability makes her great for larger crops.


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The smell is very gassy, when you take a deep whiff it makes your nostril hairs tingle to the point you can taste it in your mouth. Taste is faintish so far, going to give it a 10-14 day cure before I update my smoke report.

Growing this plant, she was a beast. Took soo much neglect and abuse(not proud/big mistakes) and she bounced back no matter what you did to her.

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Tropic fire strain

Tropic Thunder Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 80% Sativa / 20% Indica

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This strain gave my boyfriend and I anxiety. We noticed it everytime we smoked it and didnt smoke all day.

This one is my favorite now Super tasty and can smoke all day! Fat Christmas tree buds too Yummy

Both the taste and effects are amazing. Very happy/euphoric at first then quickly after it becomes more relaxing, not tiring or sleepy at all. It’s a very sativa head high with a tingly body high. The taste is amazing it tastes just like Fruit Punch, I’m using an oil cartridge so the buds will most likely taste different. This is one of my new favorites I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND it.

Tropic Thunder, and no, not the movie, is a sativa dominant hybrid from an unknown strain of the Maui Wowie family. Featuring a floral aroma that is not too overpowering, it has a pretty appearance that features lime green and purple hues. With a slightly floral, slightly bitter, and grape Kool-A…