sour gelato strain

Sour Gelato indoor grow

Finally after 5 days of drying I can finally share all my harvest pictures. Sour Gelato is a very interesting strain and I would definitely give it another go and probably let it veg out for an extra week or two. As my first photoperiod and my first truly success grow, I am very impressed by how easy she was to grow and the abundance of buds on her.

The buds smell amazing, haha overpowering at times. It has a very sour smell with sweet undertones and I can’t wait for her to finish curing.

As for the smoke report, I sampled one of the smaller buds and I must say, it blew my mind. After a few bong hits while watching some cartoons and a few minutes of rushing thoughts, I found myself giggling like a kid and the smile on my face wouldn’t go away. I felt so euphoric. I haven’t experienced such a head high since my first few smoking experiences. It is unbelievably loud:smile: The smoke is very creamy and surprisingly smooth for uncured weed (relatively). It is definitely a day strain and it has peaked my interest in sativa dominant strains. Even though they need a lot of patience, Sour Gelato:heart_eyes: proved to me that sativa dominant strains are worth the wait.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good day time strain with time to spare:blush:

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Strain Review: Sour Gelato #5 by Meraki Gardens

Got these at @tetra.pdx a couple days ago, but ya boi has been busy as hell. This strain is great, though.

Sour Gelato #5 Strain Review

I’ve sung the praises of @merakigardens before, so I don’t need to tell you this Sour Gelato #5 is amazing. Great for starting out the day. The Sour genetics round out any sedation or tiredness from the Gelato.

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