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Short Stuff is a group of breeders and cannabis enthusiasts working in Spain with autoflowering seeds for the last three years. Short Stuff has produced a range of autoflowering seeds at much lower prices.

Short Stuff constantly improves their genetics. The aim is producing the best autoflowering cannabis strains in the world.

The first success came with Snowryder which was a cross of Snow White and Shortstuff #1.

Today the range of autoflowering strains has three main categories: Dwarf Autos are very short fast flowering indica dominant strains which are perfect when stealth or a lack of space are important factors, Next generation autos are mid size autos grow bigger than dwarf autos with a height range between 60cm and 100cm, and Super autos are true auto flowering sativas.

Now Short Stuff has also produced a collection of experimental strains called ‘The Boutique Line’, which consist of the most up to date autoflowering genetics. All the strains in the Boutique Line are big, tall, heavy-yielders.

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Himalaya Orange Diesel

Auto Gorilla OG

Auto Gorilla OG

Super Cali Haze

Auto Purple Gorilla

Auto Purple Gorilla

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Auto Pink Grapefruit

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I’m almost finished this now, this was the largest and the flowers dried pretty much as they looked, very light and fluffy but absolutely jammed with trichonomic wonderfulness. It has a refreshing fruity and yes, grapefruit flavour that is very moorish, not something you get sick of, very easy to smoke on those long autumn afternoons.

She’s had time to cure, and I’m savouring this last zip, as now apricot and caramel tones are coming through. And a pretty good yielder too, easily get 12 zip in a pot on her own. She’s a very pretty plant as well, maybe susceptible to humidity, but as it was really dry in the final few weeks I was able to really let her go. There’s no popcorn buds on this type, there’s just A and B buds and then very hi quality larfy stuff that’s good for rosin pressing. I’m giving her an 8 because of the very agreeable fresh fruity flavour. The high is more on the cerebral side but I wonder how much of that is all in the mind, literally all in the mind.

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Shortstuff Seeds

Above all Shortstuff Seeds team are cannabis enthusiasts! Beyond that they are passionate about auto-flowering genetics and their constant improvement.

They are a group of breeders working in Spain alongside the autoflowering expert and creator of the super-auto – Breeder Stitch. They have all been working with cannabis genetics since the 1990’s and switched their focus to autos in the mid 2000’s when the Joint Doctor created the original Lowryder strain.

Once they realized that the joint doctors creation meant that cannabis plants could go from seed to bud in 65 days regardless of how many hours of sunlight they got, they knew Autos were the way forward for them and many other cannabis seed collectors.

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