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Flax Seed Grinder: Mill Grinders And Electric Grinding Machine Reviews

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[amazon table=”27977″]Flaxseeds prove that good things really do come in small packages. If you’re vegan, you probably know these tiny seeds are one of the few plant-based sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. You may not know, however, that you have to grind the seeds in a flax seed grinder or pestle and mortar in order to release their full nutritional benefit.

So—bad news—that means sprinkling whole flaxseeds on the top of your smoothie bowl is likely ineffective. Flaxseeds are tough and they’re small enough to be missed when chewing. They may, therefore, pass through your system undigested. So, if you want to reap the benefit of their cholesterol-balancing Omega 3’s, as well as their natural fiber and vitamins, you have to grind flax seeds into a powder.

Fortunately, grinding flaxseed at home is quite simple with the right tools. Whether you’re a pro or totally new to including flaxseed in your diet, our guide will help you determine how to find the best flax seed grinder for you. Then, we’ll review some of the most-bought grinders on the market.

Ready to get more nutritional benefit from your flaxseeds? Then let’s get started!

What should I look for when shopping for a flax grinder?

Different styles of grinders will work for different people. Here are a few things to consider before you go shopping for your flax grinder:

Manual or electric?

Probably the biggest choice to make is if you want to grind your flaxseed by hand or let a machine do the hard work for you.

Some people really enjoy the ritual of grinding their seeds manually. This approach also gives you better control over the consistency of the grind. Most manual grinders use ceramic or steel burrs that can be adjusted to meet your preference, but you can also use a pestle and mortar – if you have both the time and the patience!

On the other hand, electric grinders are able to process a large amount of flax quickly. You can store ground flaxseed if you prefer to make a larger batch at a time. Just place in an airtight container and keep it in the fridge. That being said, it’s advisable not to grind up more than you’ll use in a month or two, as the oil contained within these little seeds of goodness can go rancid after a while once they’ve been ground down.

Small or large capacity?

The capacity of flaxseed grinders varies considerably. Some manual grinders allow you to store small amounts of seed to grind slowly over a period of time. Other electric models can grind several ounces of seeds in a matter of seconds.

Again, your personal preference will dictate what you need. A person who adds two tablespoons of flax to their morning smoothie will have different needs than the person who likes to sprinkle a bit over their fresh salad.

Portable or not?

The smallest flax grinders weigh only a few ounces. The heavy-duty models are several pounds. If you have a small kitchen or enjoy taking your nutrition on-the-go, you may want to opt for a travel-friendly grinder that you can easily pack or store.

Metal, glass, or plastic?

The blades or burr of flax grinders are usually stainless steel or ceramic. However, your flax will also come into contact with the grinding cup and chamber. Usually, these canisters are made from stainless steel, glass, or plastic.

You may have a strong preference for one over the other. Plastic especially concerns some people who are worried about toxins ending up in their food, but since the flax isn’t heated there’s less risk of this with a plastic grinder. Really, the main downside to a plastic canister is that it may become scratched or chipped over time.

Stainless steel and glass are cleaner than plastic, but they are heavier. Neither or likely to scratch from routine grinding. Of course, a glass container will have to be handled with care, though.

Is there anything else I should know about flaxseed grinders?

One final note: grinders can be tricky to clean. Any residue moisture near the blades may shorten the life of your grinder. When grinding flaxseed, you should take care to wipe and dry your grinder immediately after use.

Wet flaxseeds have a habit of adhering themselves to any surface like glue, so this step cannot be understated. To avoid unnecessary moisture getting on your flaxseed grinder, it’s best not to grind your flax seeds directly over hot foods or steaming pots. Instead, simply grind into a separate container and sprinkle on as required.

If you’re leaning toward an electric model, you may want to be sure that you can remove the grinding cup from the rest of the unit. Since the electric components can’t be exposed to water, the grinder will be easier to clean if you can take it apart.

Choosing the right grinder for flax seeds

There is a lot of variety in flax seed grinders, so the choices may seem overwhelming. For that reason, we’ve compiled reviews of some popular flaxseed grinders to help you choose.

Let’s take a look!

Kingtop Grinder with Stainless Steel Blade

The Kingtop Grinder with Stainless Steel Blade is powered by a 200-watt motor, making the task of grinding flaxseeds a breeze. This flax grinder weighs just under two pounds and is easy to use. Just secure the lid and press the button to start grinding!

The Kingtop Grinder with Stainless Steel Blade has a safety-lock lid, meaning the blades will only turn when the lid is in place. The grinding container can be cleaned with the included brush or a damp cloth (be sure to dry thoroughly afterwards!). Also, the Kingtop flax grinder comes with a 2-year warranty, the longest of any product on this list.

Because of the potential for overheating, you shouldn’t run your Kingtop flax grinder for more than 30 seconds at a time. This should be plenty of time to grind individual servings of flaxseed, but you may have issues if you’re trying to make a big batch to store. The grinder also seems to work best when the blades are just barely covered with flaxseed—definitely less than its full capacity.

Customers like that this grinder is quiet compared to others that they’ve owned. People describe it as simple to use and “powerful.” The Kingtop grinder may be a simple little gadget, but it seems to get the job done for most people.

A few complaints about the Kingtop grinder indicate that the grinding cup is difficult to detach, which may make it harder to pour our your ground flaxseeds without making a mess. This grinder was also a little too small for some people. At most, it can grind 4 tablespoons of flaxseed at a time and does have a tendency to overheat with multiple uses.

If you've read up on how to eat flax seeds, you'll know a grinder is essential for recipes and DIY cleanses. Reap the benefits in full – read these reviews!

Flax seed mill

The flax seed mill, the Art de Vivre

With a woody taste of nuts or hazelnuts, freshly ground flax seed sprinkles from a Peugeot mill can embellish all dishes with smooth and balanced aromas.

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Manual flax seed mill in wood and stainless steel natural 13 cm

A custom mill for flax seeds

Recognised since antiquity for their nutritional qualities and inimitable taste, flax seeds can only be absorbed by the body in its ground form. However, when thus prepared, they can quickly oxidise and lose their flavor. This is why Peugeot designed a flax seed mill that comes with a 5-gram measuring spoon, so that only the desired quantity is ground. Strong and original, it is especially suitable for these exceptional seeds, for the hardness of their outer shell and for the preservation of their so-subtle flavour when they are finely ground or roughly chopped. This mill is also very efficient for grinding to grind sesame seeds.

The flax seed mill, the mechanics of the Art de Vivre

Presented in a box the Peugeot flax seed mill combines technicality and aesthetics. The body is carved from beech wood from local French forests and the stainless steel head mounted with an elegant handle operates the unprecedented patented mechanism, completely removable and easy to clean. An object of excellence for exceptional seeds, designed to grind them with a motion full of the charm of yesteryear and home-made flavours, which is the very definition of the French Art de Vivre.

Peugeot has designed a flax seed mill that is strong and original, while perfectly suitable for these exceptional seeds, for the hardness of their outer shell and for preserving their so-subtle flavour when ground at the last minute.