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White Runtz Feminised Seeds


White Runtz is one of the biggest strains in California right now.

This delightfully fruity and frosty cannabis strain is a real heavyweight in the Cookies family.

It was created by crossing a very aromatic and exceptionally potent Zkittlez with a long-selected and extremely resinous Gelato.

The result is a cannabis strain with an unique terpene profile that produces potent effects on both the mind and body.

The plants are bright green and some phenotypes can even exhibit reddish and purple colours.

White Runtz is known for its mild and soft smoke but its fantastically strong effects.

The highly euphoric, uplifting and calming high is supported by a unique terpene and cannabinoid profile.

The effects last for hours and makes your mind float whilst your body is hit with a heavy, full-body stone that seems to slow the world down.

After an initial Sativa wave of creativity, euphoria and happiness, there is a deep, honest, relaxation that produces a pleasant tingling and eventually envelops the whole body.

This balanced hybrid with a slight Indica dominance has an extremely fruity and tropical taste of citrus and sour berries, which is rounded off by a seductive pineapple note.

With its high THC content of up to 29% it is the best suited for experienced users or for the therapeutic treatment of various symptoms such as pain, loss of appetite, nausea and stress.

The flowers of White Runtz become large, dense and grape-shaped and get enveloped in resin during flowering.

These plants usually reach heights of 1.5-2m and are excellent candidates for cultivation methods such as scrog, SOG or mainlining.

Indoor production of 450-500 g / m² can be expected.

White Runtz is everything: heavy-hitting, uplifting, calming, medical and always the best choice.

<p>White Runtz is one of the biggest strains in California right now.</p> <p>This delightfully fruity and frosty cannabis strain is a real heavyweight in the Cookies family.</p> <p>It was created by crossing a very aromatic and exceptionally potent Zkit

Buy Runtz Seeds Online From Multiple Breeders

Thursday, 16 July 2020 13:58

Find authentic Runtz seeds and other crosses of it below. We connect you with only the best weed seeds from reputable breeders. Buying the Runtz seeds on other websites without any reputation is a risk of buying fakes.

Taste Budz Breeder Company

Although the exact name is Bubble Runtz, its lineage is true to the original strain. It comes from Tastebudz, a woman owned marijuana breeding company, and she focuses on creating the most exotic flavor strains. This company has been around for 3 decades, and they have many current trending strains in California. Besides bringing us the Runtz seeds, they also have an array of popular strains from the Bay Area and LA. They have Peanut butter breath seeds, Gelonade, Purple Punch auto flower seeds, and many more super exotic strains. Buy Runtz seeds from TasteBuz seed bank for $11.37.

Runtz Strain

(Photo credit:

The Runtz strain is a magnificent looking cannabis plant, and it has light purple buds frosted with trichomes. This marijuana strain made a name for itself and original breeder. Credit goes out to the rapper Young LB, he made a deal with Cookies and the rest is history. He now pushes his other cannabis line known as Jokes Up. The official Runtz Instagram page has over 200,000 followers. If you want a little piece of weed history from California, the Runtz seeds are a must have for any collector. These are considered super rare marijuana seeds right now.

Feminized White Runtz Seeds

We have the White Runtz strain available from the breeder Anesia seeds. However, it’s the same exact genetics as the regular Runtz strain. Consider these Runtz seeds just another version of the original strain. A single White Runtz seed retails on our website currently for $13.79. This is the perfect example of a super hard to acquire genetics that makes us such a valuable seed bank.

White Runtz Picture

The White Runtz comes from the Bay Area. It blew up so big that it’s now in every Cookies dispensary in a purple bag with the word Runtz in white. If you’re looking for some credible White Runtz pictures, we suggest taking a look at this image we found off the Cookies website.

One of the hottest cannabis strains out of the USA right now is the Runtz strain. This marijuana strain name was of course inspired by the candy. Th