purple afghani strain

Purple Afghani

Taste & Smell

  • Earthy
  • Spicy


  • Calm
  • Sleepy
  • Tingly

Pairs Well With

  • Doing Nothing
  • Sleeping
  • Spa
  • Watching TV/Movies

About this Hybrid Strain

The Purple Afghani cannabis strain is an indica-dominant hybrid native to the West Coast and can be found in Colorado as well. It was first made available by The BC Bud Depot out of Canada. It’s a cross between Purple Kush and the Afghani Landrace Strain.

Purple Afghani buds can either be of a fern-green color or even purple in plants that have been exposed to lower temperatures. The leaves are tightly curled and compact, mixed with vast bundles of coiled orange pistils. A crystal trichome layer provides a protective coat for the nuggets. Such protection these trichomes offer is evident from the amount of force it takes to break a bud apart. In doing so, strong fumes of blue cheese and sage mix into the earthy odor of damp soil. Combusting Purple Afghani amplifies the pungent cheese flavor and leaves a spicy aftertaste.

The Purple Afghani strain offers a relaxing high comparable to a mild tranquilizer as reviewers have reported. Some medical users found relief from anxiety, depression, and stress. In this trippy yet drowsy state, everything seems perfect and content. This mental contentment is accompanied by a physical serenity as the muscles of the body completely numb and relax according to reviewers.

Purple Afghani THC levels are about 18% on average but have tested up to 25%. It has not been reported to cause severe food cravings, making it a good choice for those users prone to overeating. Users report a deeper sleep as well as being able to fall asleep faster, making Purple Afghani a great strain to enjoy at night before bed.

The Purple Afghani cannabis strain is an indica-dominant hybrid native to the West Coast and can be found in Colorado as well. It was first made available by The BC Bud Depot out of Canada. It’s a cross between Purple Kush and the Afghani Landrace Strain. Purple Afghani buds can either be of…

Purple Afghani Strain (Cannabis Strain Review)

‘Purple’ strains are always a popular option amongst cannabis users. They are generally aesthetically pleasing and are extremely rewarding to grow. The Purple Afghani strain is a combination of world-class genetics and also provides that winning purple coloring. Read on to learn more about its effects and how to cultivate it.

What Is the Purple Afghani Strain?

It is an indica dominant hybrid that’s a cross of Afghani #1 and Purple Kush. BC Depot created it, and it is certainly best used in the evening or at night. Purple Afghani weed is potent with an extremely high THC content.

Users are immediately drawn to the attractive appearance of the plant. Once they have had a sample, the effects they feel brings them back for more.

In many ways, Purple Afghani provides the ‘classic’ marijuana high. Users tend to feel extremely relaxed soon after using it. The intoxication one experiences generally results in a feeling of calm euphoria. You will likely spend much of the high with a smile on your face.

One possible issue is the speed with which Purple Afghani gets to work. Make sure you are in a comfortable place before imbibing. Many first-time users of this strain often admit to being caught out by the high. Within minutes, they feel sleepy and find movement challenging! Also, Purple Afghani can cause a major case of the munchies. Keep your snacks close by.

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You can expect to get an earthy aroma with Purple Afghani. There are also notes of woodiness, sage, and even a savory delight in the form of blue cheese.


When you smoke Purple Afghani, you will likely get an earthy and floral taste that is extremely pleasant. The blue cheese aroma doesn’t necessarily carry into the flavor, however.


Purple Afghani has thick and heavy buds with glistening layers of trichomes. Of course, the strain’s genetics provide a glorious purple coloring. Read our Grow Info section to discover how to enhance it.

Purple Afghani Strain Grow Info

Interestingly, there are reports that Purple Afghani is a popular black-market strain. Users living on the East Coast may find it hard to locate Purple Afghani seeds. However, it is widely available legally on the West Coast. It is also extremely popular in Colorado.

This is a tough cannabis strain with high resistance to pests and common diseases. In general, maintenance consists of regular trimming and pruning. Purple Afghani grows well indoors or outdoors. For most marijuana cultivators, indoors is the more realistic option. In this scenario, the strain has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks. Users are generally rewarded with a handsome yield.

A lot of growers try to boost the purple coloring on this strain. You can achieve this by reducing the night time temperature by up to 20 degrees. Exposure to lower temperatures results in the breaking down of chlorophyll. It may also encourage your plants to produce more anthocyanins, the pigment that produces the purple color.

Please avoid drastic measures when looking to make cannabis more purple. For example, depriving your plants of oxygen or feeding them more nitrogen will only damage your crop.

THC Content – Highest Test

In general, Purple Afghani has more than 20% THC. Indeed, it is common for it to contain 25%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

There is minimal CBD in Purple Afghani. It contains a lot less than 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Purple Afghani Strain

One of the main reasons why people use Purple Afghani is to help them enjoy a good night’s sleep. Its effects can strike you within minutes. We advise you to use a moderate amount at first because its effects are extremely strong. Make the mistake of allowing the high to take hold before you’re ready to settle down, and you will struggle to move to your preferred spot.

Purple Afghani could also prove useful for individuals with depression or stress. Users suggest that it helps elevate their mood. If you are feeling down or stressed after a long day, a few tokes of this strain could help.

Also, Purple Afghani provides an extreme case of the munchies among many users.

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Possible Side Effects of the Purple Afghani Strain

As is the case with extremely strong cannabis strains, Purple Afghani has some potential adverse effects. Using too much could result in heightened anxiety, for example. Also, its potency could prove overwhelming for novices in general. This strain is very much one where you should go ‘low and slow.’ More common side effects include a dry mouth and red eyes.

Final Thoughts on the Purple Afghani Strain

Overall, Purple Afghani is a marijuana strain that commands respect. You are better off using it in the evening. We would also advise novices and those with low cannabis tolerance to try something with a less powerful high. Consider using Purple Afghani if you have issues trying to sleep. You might also find that it helps if you have chronic pain or problems with low appetite.

It is an ideal cannabis strain for first-time growers. Purple Afghani is a tough plant, though it requires some maintenance. You will also need to tread carefully if you want to enhance the purple hue. Exposing marijuana plants to shock is always a risky business.

Everything you need to know about the Purple Afghani cannabis strain, including effects, medicinal uses, how to grow your own, and more.