power plant strain review

Power Plant Strain Review – Everything You Need to Know & More!

The power plant was created by Dutch Passion Seed Company and was created from landrace sativa strains. A lot of these strains, including Power Plant, are now incredibly popular strains for parenting new strains.
Power Plant inherits its quick growing time and its very large buds from its landrace parents. These popcorn buds make it an incredibly popular strain, as well as its sativa-cerebral, clear-headed high.

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Power Plant sativa

Originally created from the landrace strains of South Africa, Power Plant inherits a lot of the best qualities from landraces. However, it’s also special because it has a much higher THC percentage than you might expect from a sativa landrace cross. This gives a very welcome, sativa-dominant buzzing effect that tokers of all experience levels can enjoy.

Dutch Passion Power Plant

There’s no secret to Power Plant. It was created by a Dutch seedbank, and was first bred by Dutch Passion Seeds in 1997. This heavy-yielding sativa was particularly popular for a while as it is a stable strain with a high THC percentage for when it was created. This combination made it especially popular amongst the coffeeshops of the Netherlands.

Power Plant genetics

This strain comes from two or more landrace strains being crossed together. You might be wondering what a landrace strain is? They are the original strains that started everything. Sativa strains have different characteristics and properties depending on which part of the world they originated in. For example, hot countries normally have sativas and indicas normally grow indica plants. Hence, Power Plants’ genetics simply ‘come from landraces.’

Power Plant THC percentage

Power Plant is aptly named. To have as much as 20% THC in the 1990s would have packed a wallop for a lot of people who were used to much weaker strains. The average THC percentage for a sativa is around 13.5% and Power Plant has anywhere from around 15-20% THC potency.

Power Plant price

The power plant is both available in seed form and easy to grow. This fantastic combination means that it’s not expensive at all. In fact, in a lot of Dutch coffeeshops, it’s actually one of the cheapest strains. Many shops will have their own house strain of Power Plant, which will run you at about $8 per gram.

Power Plant taste

The taste of the Power Plant is:

  • Earthy
  • Woody
  • Herbal
  • Floral
  • Citrus

It’s very common for landrace crosses to be a little bit fruity and Power Plant is no different. Once you’ve ground it up in your favorite little grinder, you’ll truly appreciate the smell of the strain. After this, wack it in your flower vape so you can get the full taste of the strain.
Once you’ve actually vaped your bud you can use it again to make edibles. Keep reading to learn more!

Power Plant oil, wax, shatter, edibles

You can make any strain into oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc. This is because you only have to decarboxylate your weed first, and then it’s possible to make it into anything. Edibles are probably the easiest, safest, and healthiest of making weed into something else. However, if you want to make an oil specifically for medicinal use this is also possible.
Using an already vaped bud (AVB) is also possible. That is because there is no combustion, so there is still quite a lot of (now decarboxylated) THC left inside the bud. Simply mix this with oil or butter, and then either cook it or eat as is. This is a perfect way for a cheap and potent high.

Pure Vida strain

These strains are often confused, but they really shouldn’t be as they don’t have much in common. Other than similar terpene profiles and that they both come from landraces, these two don’t actually have much in common. However, folks switch them up from time to time. Even the best tokers make mistakes!

If you're a beginner in search of a stress-relieving sativa you should definitely give Power Plant a shot. This recreational sativa is perfect for anyone looking to curb depression and stress. It's relatively easy to grow and easily enjoyed by all!

Power Plant Cannabis Strain Review

In general, marijuana with a CBD content of over 1% is classified as a medicinal strain. However, the Power Plant strain bucks the trend. While it is relatively high in cannabidiol, its level of THC means it is also commonly used as a recreational strain.

What is the Power Plant Strain?

Power Plant strain weed is a sativa-dominant hybrid that comes from South African genetics. It has been the subject of many variations, at least 10 at the last count, but the original version remains the best. It was released by the Dutch Passion Seed Company of Amsterdam in 1997 and has been solely selectively inbred ever since.

It was a huge hit in the Amsterdam coffee shops from the very beginning and soon became popular as a cutting for clones. So many marijuana strains have not stood the test of time, but Power Plant continues to be an in-demand form of cannabis. In the 2016 Life Expo in Vancouver, it took first prize in the Sativa category and third place in the Hash category.

Power Plant also won runner-up prizes in the 2016 HighLife cup and the Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup Canada. As we already mentioned, there are a lot of variations, but the Dutch Passion version is still by far the best.

The Power Plant marijuana strain offers a woody and earthy fragrance that isn’t particularly pungent. Its aroma doesn’t tend to linger in a room, and while it doesn’t cause your eyes to water, it is far from being off-putting.

Power Plant also doesn’t have a spectacular or memorable taste. You may get a spicy taste with woody notes.

While Power Plant doesn’t captivate audiences in the taste and smell categories, it more than makes up for it in terms of aesthetics. It is a gorgeous looking strain with large buds and bright outlines. The orange and glistening white trichomes stand out in a strain so unusual looking that it looks as if it could have been cultivated in a power plant.

Power Plant Strain Grow Info

The Power Plant seeds you get from Dutch Passion are purebreds which have not been hybridized. As a result, these plants grow consistently and uniformly when you have the original. It is extremely stable and offers an excellent yield when grown correctly. You can grow it indoors or outdoors, and it flowers relatively quickly as well.

When grown outdoors , Power Plant is ready for harvest by the middle of October and can yield an incredible 35 ounces per plant at its maximum. When grown indoors, the flowering time is anywhere from 7-9 weeks with a possible yield of 21 ounces per square meter planted.

Those who have grown Power Plant say it performs well indoors when you use a standard soil mix. You have the option to top the plants after they reach the vegetative stage, and you should look to change the light schedule to force Power Plant into the bloom stage within six weeks. At that stage, your plants should be close to two feet tall.

You might see the first pistils appearing by the end of the first week of flowering. Training the plant will increase the number of colas although this also results in smaller buds. Growers report that by the third week of flowering, large buds begin to appear and the thick resin production begins in earnest.

By the end of the seventh week of flowering, your Power Plant crop could be ready for harvest. Make sure you check the pistils and trichomes to determine the perfect time for harvesting . It is also important to flush your plants at least one week before you intend to cut them down.

THC Content – Highest Test

The strain’s average THC is 15% which would have been considered very high back in the 1990s. Of course, things have changed today with some strains offering 30%+ THC! There are some tests which have shown Power Plant’s THC content at 20%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Power Plant’s CBD content is 2% or thereabouts; that’s a large amount for marijuana not bred specifically to produce high levels of cannabidiol .

What Can I Expect When I Use Power Plant Weed?

As you probably know, a strain’s THC content is not necessarily a guide to its psychoactive nature, and Power Plant is proof of this fact. It may have a mid-range THC content, but it isn’t for novices or individuals with a low tolerance. You should experience a cerebral high soon after using it, which helps elevate your mood.

It is known as an excellent party strain which is why it is so popular amongst recreational users. If you are often tongue-tied at social occasions, use some Power Plant to help you become more relaxed and chattier. When used in moderation, this strain could also help boost your energy. As its effects wear off, you may also discover that you’re very hungry .

Medical Benefits of Power Plant Marijuana

Although Power Plant is ostensibly a recreational strain, it has an array of medical uses as well. Its CBD content is high enough to help you battle against depression and stress but isn’t sufficient to treat seizures. Power Plant is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities and could relieve mild aches and pains such as migraines.

You might also find Power Plant useful if you need an appetite boost, but it can give you a case of the munchies when the high fades. It is an excellent daytime strain when you are an experienced user with a reasonable tolerance. Otherwise, consider using it in the evening to help you relax or socialize.

Possible Side Effects of Power Plant Weed

While Power Plant is excellent at reducing stress, it can cause a few problems too if you’re not careful. Common side effects include dry mouth , dry eyes, and a headache if you are not used to potent cannabis. On rare occasions, you could experience mild hallucinations which often result in paranoid thoughts and dizziness.

Final Thoughts on Power Plant Cannabis

Overall, Power Plant is a potent Sativa despite its moderate THC content. It is a good option as a daytime strain as long as your marijuana tolerance is high. Otherwise, use it in small doses before social occasions or in the evening to unwind.

It is an easy strain to cultivate because it tends to produce consistent results. We recommend topping this plant once during the vegetative stage and train it to increase yields. Ultimately, Power Plant may not have the highest THC out there, but it is a strain that commands respect.

Everything you need to know about Power Plant marijuana strain including effects, medicinal benefits, how to grow, and more.