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The Top 5 Strongest Cannabis Strains — 2020 Update

While we’ve had access to plenty of strong cannabis strains for quite some time, there are new advances in the field every day. We’re happy to present an updated list of some of the most potent varieties of the bunch. Featuring new strains like Cookies Gelato and Triple G, as well as some of the old-timers!

Determining the strength of cannabis is not always straight forward, once you have have chosen which strain you would like to use, there are also a number of factors which will affect the THC content of the bud.

The main external factors influencing the strength of your bud are: Location (e.g. indoor vs outdoor), growing medium (e.g. soil or hydroponics), nutrient levels, light source, temperature & humidity and carbon dioxide levels.

Although there are many methods of growing cannabis, they all come with a different set of pros and cons . for example, if you wanted to grow your plant under some of the UVB spectrum, you would either have to find a nice mountain close to the equator or purchase some UVB emitting LEDs. Both of these methods have problems; LED lights are rather expensive, and walking up a mountain to grow your bud will also leave you feeling pretty low on energy.

Genetics also affect the strength of the plant. Genetics are what holds all the information about the plant. How much THC and CBD it produces, how it smells and tastes and how it grows. Cannabis displays a mix of traits from their parent strains just like humans.

Stable genetics produce predictable features passed down from parent strains, whereas unstable genetics can often give the offspring unpredictable features which can be difficult to manage.

Nowadays, cultivators are able to select desired characteristics of growth, appearance and effect. This can be really useful in finding a strain that’s right for you and your needs.

That being said, it’s important to take all these factors into consideration when you begin your garden so that you know what kind of strain is most suitable for you. Landrace and heirloom seeds for example, have been cultivated for centuries and have traits specific to adapting to their native environment. On the other hand, when growing indoors you may want to find a strain that is less pungent, smaller in size and more pest resilient. It is for this reason that you should have a good idea about how you intend to grow your garden before you chose your seeds.

So now we’ve got that out the way, what are the best and strongest strains out there?


Combining the sugary sensations of Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato, the aptly named Cookies Gelato is a recent entry on this list and has more than earned its spot. You see, besides inheriting a sweet flavour and aroma from its parent strains, it’s got a lot of THC; around 28%, to be exact. Bringing about a euphoric rush with a relaxing touch, this hybrid makes sure you don’t go too deep in one direction, even if you’re headed for the stars. Needless to say, this might not be for you if you’re a novice smoker, but those with a bit of a tolerance will have an unforgettable time with this luxury treat.

Cannabis has only become stronger with time, and these five strains are the cream of the crop when it comes to packing a THC-fuelled punch.

Top 10 Most Popular Feminized Cannabis Strains (2020 Update)

Keep reading to discover our most popular cannabis strains of 2020. These 10 feminized strains are your most sought-after seeds, each delivering some of the best flavours and yields we have to offer.

No matter what kind of cannabis you love, you’ll find the perfect specimen on our list of the most popular feminized strains of 2020. Below, we’ve assembled 10 of our highly sought-after varieties, along with a short description of what makes them a must-have for 2020.

And remember, if you can’t decide on a single strain, we won’t judge you for picking all 10.


If you’re still undecided on what to grow this year, look no further. Let’s jump straight into our most popular feminized cannabis strains of 2020.


Up first is the insanely powerful Royal Gorilla. THC levels of over 25% will leave you surfing the giddy heights of euphoria in no time. And, thanks to RG’s pungent earthy and pine notes, it’s a high you’ll want to savour every moment of.

What may come as a massive surprise is that Royal Gorilla’s genetic foundation was not the result of years of meticulous breeding, but the outcome of accidental pollination. All we can say is, while God works in mysterious ways, this time, she outdid herself. With indoor yields of 500–550g/m² and a flowering time of approximately 9–10 weeks, there’ll be plenty of Royal Gorilla to go around.

Click the link for the ten most popular feminized cannabis strains of 2020. Intense flavours, excellent yields, and balanced highs—our list has it all.