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Basic / Breeders Info

Meringue is a mostly indica variety from Dutch Passion and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±64 days ) and outdoors . Dutch Passions Meringue is a THC dominant variety and is/was only available as feminized seeds.

Dutch Passions Meringue Description

Sweet, sweeter, sweetest. As cannabis enthusiasts often have a sweet tooth, the sweeter smelling and tasting strains gained huge popularity in the last decade. The cross we made between Wedding Cake and an Animal Cookies elite clone came out just the way we wanted and really hits the (sweet) spot.

This indica dominant THC rich hybrid feminized seed variety has a very large sativa-like main bloom along with a smooth smoke and a sweet aftertaste on the exhale. She has numerous side branches which grow heavily with resin crusted blooms full of compact buds. A euphoric high is accompanied by a rising, powerful sense of well being and relaxation.

The blissfully enjoyable effects last for a good 3 hours. When you consume a large amount in a short period of time you will be aware of a powerful, and deeply enjoyable, couch-lock body stone. When growing this strain indoors, consider UVB light supplementation during the last few weeks if possible and notice how the trichome production goes into overdrive.

Where to buy Meringue cannabis seeds?

Meringue from Dutch Passion is available only as feminized seeds. Regular seeds are not available at the moment. In 10 seedbanks, we found 35 offers between EUR 12.92 for 1 feminized seed and EUR 1186.25 for 200 feminized seeds. If you are looking to buy Meringue Cannabis Seeds from Dutch Passion somewhere – have a look to our Meringue Price Comparison page with all current offers from all the connected seedbanks and shops – or visit one of the following tested, trustworthy and recommended seed-shops directly to check out their current Meringue offers: Zamnesia, Cannapot Hanfshop,, Mary’s Seeds, Alchimia Grow Shop, PEV Seeds Bank, Oaseeds, Linda Seeds | Linda Semilla, Original Seeds Store and Dutch Passion.

Meringue Lineage / Genealogy

  • Meringue »»» Wedding Cake x Animal Cookies probably
  • Wedding Cake
    • Triangle Mints #23
      • »»» Triangle Kush x Animal Mints
      • Triangle Kush
        • OG Kush Florida Probably
          • »»» Chemdawg x Probably
          • Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush, Pakistan
            • Lemon Thai »»» Sativa
            • Hindu Kush, Pakistan »»» Indica
          • Chemdawg
            • Unknown Indica »»» Indica
      • Animal Mints
        • »»» Animal Cookies x SinMint Cookies
        • Animal Cookies (specified above)
        • SinMint Cookies
          • »»» Girl Scout Cookies x Blue Power
          • Girl Scout Cookies
            • »»» F1 Durban x OG Kush South Florida
            • F1 Durban S1
              • Cherry Pie Kush
                • »»» Durban Poison x Chemdawg Mendocino
                • Durban Poison IBL
                  • Africa Durban »»» Sativa
                • Chemdawg Mendocino (specified above)
            • OG Kush South Florida (specified above)
          • Blue Power
            • »»» Power x White Moonshine
            • Power
              • »»» Sour Dubble x SoCal Master Kush
              • Sour Dubble
                • »»» Sour Diesel IBL x Sour Bubble
                • Sour Diesel IBL IBL
                  • Sour Diesel
                    • »»» Original Diesel x DNL
                    • Original Diesel
                      • »»» Chemdawg x
                      • MassSuperSkunk x SensiNL
                        • MassSuperSkunk
                          • Super Skunk Probably
                            • »»» Skunk #1 x Afghanistan
                            • Skunk #1
                              • Skunk #1
                                • Skunk #1
                                  • »»» Afghanistan x Mexico x Colombia
                                  • Afghanistan »»» Indica
                                  • Mexico »»» Sativa
                                  • Colombia »»» Sativa
                            • Afghanistan »»» Indica
                        • SensiNL
                          • »»» NL #1 x NL #2 x NL #5
                          • NL #1 IBL
                            • Afghanistan »»» Indica
                          • NL #2
                            • Northern Lights
                              • Afghanistan Indica Probably »»» Indica
                          • NL #5
                            • USA, Kalifornien »»» Mostly Indica
                      • Chemdawg (specified above)
                    • DNL
                      • »»» x Northern Lights
                      • RFK Skunk x Hawaiian
                        • RFK Skunk
                          • Unknown Skunk
                            • Skunk #1 (specified above)
                        • Hawaiian »»» Indica/Sativa Hybrid
                      • Northern Lights (specified above)
                • Sour Bubble BX3
                  • »»» BOGBubble Sour Bubble Clone x BX3
                  • BOGBubble Sour Bubble Clone x BOGBubble
                    • BOGBubble Sour Bubble Clone
                      • WL Bubblegum
                        • »»» Bubblegum x Bubble Gum
                        • Bubblegum
                          • Indiana Bubblegum
                            • USA, Unknown Hybrid »»» Mostly Indica
                        • Bubble Gum
                          • Bubblegum (specified above)
                    • BOGBubble (specified above)
                  • BOGBubble Sour Bubble Clone (specified above)
              • SoCal Master Kush Selection
                • Masterkush
                  • Masterkush
                    • Hindu Kush x Hindu Kush (specified above)
            • White Moonshine
              • »»» The White x Blue Moonshine
              • The White
                • Unknown Hybrid »»» Indica/Sativa Hybrid
              • Blue Moonshine F3
                • Blueberry F2
                  • Blueberry Line F1
                    • »»» Temple Flo x HTAF F1
                    • Temple Flo F3
                      • Floral Line
                        • »»» Purple Thai x Afghani
                        • Purple Thai
                          • »»» H.O.G. x Chocolate Thai
                          • H.O.G.
                            • Mexico »»» Sativa
                          • Chocolate Thai
                            • Thailand »»» Sativa
                        • Afghani
                          • Afghanistan Probably Indica »»» Indica
                    • HTAF F1
                      • »»» Thailand x Afghani F1
                      • Thailand »»» Sativa
                      • Afghani (specified above)
  • Animal Cookies probably
    • »»» Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG Bx3
    • Girl Scout Cookies (specified above)
    • Fire OG Bx3 BX3
      • »»» Fire Kush x Unknown Strain BX3
      • Fire Kush
        • OG Kush Fire cut (specified above)
      • Unknown Strain

Map of the Meringue Family Tree

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Meringue breed by Dutch Passion Here you can find all info about Meringue from Dutch Passion . If you are searching for information about Meringue from Dutch Passion, check out our Basic


Meringue is a high-quality strain. She might not be the biggest overall yielder but the level of quality is definitely a reason to keep growing her again and again. Expect solid yields of stunning looking buds. Although the flowers can be a bit smaller, they are rock-hard and thus will still put down some weight on the scale. When handled well she will deliver you some of the most beautiful looking nuggets on the planet. The dark hues in the flowers and leaves makes the white layer of resin really pop out for an eye-catching bag appeal. Meringue strain info: The fruitiest USA genetics Meringue is grown by crossing Wedding Cake x Animal Cookies. Wedding Cake, also known as Pink Cookies, is a USA cross of the famous Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. These 2 strains make for the intense sweet tangy taste of the variety. It is also noted for its extremely high THC content. Animal Cookies is another popular USA variety which is a child of the legendary GSC line and Fire OG. She is a clone-only variety that flowers in about 9 week and grows very dense and compact buds that can show some dark colourations in the flowers. This strain has a sweet and sour aroma with a strong body-effect that will suit the more experienced smoker. The genetics used to create Meringue ensure the following characteristics: A sweet tangy aroma from the Wedding Cake The dense, compact and coloured buds from the Animal Cookies High potency levels thanks to both the Wedding Cake and Animal Cookies genetics Meringue is top-notch variety with a high cannabinoid profile and an intensely sweet, pungent aroma.

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Meringue from Dutch Passion was a wonderful project to observe and take care of. It was part of a three strain (Meringue, Mokum’s Tulip, Banana Blaze) – six months experiment where the plants underwent a series of different mainlining techniques and were grown through neodymium magnets oriented north pole up to assess and better understand the effects of magnetic fields on plants.

All three plants were grown in 38L air pots filled with Plagron Royal Mix and received magnetically treated water (process explained throughout the diary) mixed with Plagron organic nutrients and ORMUS.

This project of 3 plants was done in a 1.5m2 Lighthouse LITE tent under Cropmaster PRO 1000 Led 550w (absolute impressed with this horticultural LED lights, highly recommended!)

Meringue had a 15 weeks vegetative period followed by 8.5 flowering. Throughout the duration of the grow the plant never showed any deficit and was sturdy and robust. Undertook the occult toppings and bondage sessions with lots of stretching and fast recovery. The mainlining technic was aiming for 8 main colas. She was the tallest of the three plants.

The buds were dense and full of trichomes spreading even on the large fan leaves with beautiful looking nuggets with some dark hues in the leaves. Very pungent sweet fruity aroma and heavy branches, a true hybrid plant in its aspect. Was a real treat to have my lenses on her trichomes!

The effects of this variety is quite euphoric with a powerful sense of well-being and relaxation. Due to the high trichome density and extremely high THC content, this would be a great choice for medical tinctures and oils.

Gave 261g dense dry organic and sweet fragrant bud after 2 weeks of drying. now sit back, relax, light one up and enjoy some closeup photos! If you like what you see, show some appreciation by hitting the like button and checking the rest of the journal!

Some of the best flowers I’ve been growing so far. Meringue produces massive dense flowers full of resin, with a complex terpenes profile, made of tropical fruit and mostly sugar, sugar, and sugar again. Not a diabetic strain for sure :joy: The effects are really good as well: it starts with a smooth relaxing feeling, then it turns into a creative boost, making you proactive on various activities such as making music, crafting some DIY stuff, or just chill out with good friends!

She hasn’t been the easiest plant to work on, very atypical growth. She literally grew like a clone, asymmetric nodes almost from the start, so I was not able to mainline her as much as the other strains in the tent. Her fan leaves have crazy elongated stems, creating massive areas of shadow under the canopy, defoliation was mandatory to get the most of the bottom buds. In the end, all these efforts worth it, I was gifted with 128 grams of pure candies, and I also was able to make some fire Ice’o’lator with the leaves from the trim. If you’re ready for an atypical plant that will reward you with sugary buds (in all ways), go ahead, Meringue might become your new favorite strain!

Genetics: Meringue (Wedding Cake x Animal Cookies)
Bank / Breeder: Dutch Passion
harvested at week 10 of flower. *68 days of flower

Appearance of the Buds: dense, medium-small size, froooosty buds with purple tones at the end of its cycle

Color, length and quantity of pistils: low quantity, light orange short pistils

Calyx-To-Leaf ratio: low leaf ratio. between narrow and broad leaf cultivar, lot of light penetration to the lower parts
Trichomes: big size trichomes , from the lower buds till the top fully covered in resin
Density (weight): heavy and dense buds
Hardness: very hard, grinder needed
Bud smell: gassy, earthy , spicy with kind of herbal undertones
Flavor without combustion: gassy, herbal

Medium: Vaporizer, pipe, pipe, etc.: Joint, hemp paper, without filter
Aroma in combustion: soapy, very strong

Combustion flavor: herbal, spicy
Start effects, duration: [xxxxx] Instant, [] Medium, [] Slow,
Type of effects: instant strong effect, sometimes too accelerated but ends up with a very coach lock,body and mind sedating. great cultivar , cross made by Dutch Passion
got bud rot at the end of its flowering cycle,(i dont have any in-take fans, so that poor air exchange was the main problem) . despite of that it was one of the best looking and most frostiest pheno i ever grew
Thanks Dutch passion for providing me of good seeds and genetics

Very nice strain. Grows very bushy, strong stems and is very resistant to mold. The smell is outstanding, like woody and pine tones. Will be updating in two weeks the smoke report.

Smoke report: Well, gotta say that this strain is now my favourite indica strain. She tastes like woody-pine with some tones of caramel at the end of the exhalation. Her effect is very relaxed, the very opposite of sativa effects. Its a mix of a very high-relaxed travel that lasts for at least 1 hour. Excellent strain, and for sure I´ll try it again in the future.

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