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This Strain of Weed Could Help You Orgasm

Among its varied medicinal applications, weed can also be a natural aphrodisiac. One strain in particular is supposedly engineered specifically so that its chemical effects make women orgasm.

Aptly named “Sexxpot,” this indica strain is bred to have low THC levels (around 14 percent) that give the user a euphoric, but not overwhelming, experience. As an indica, Sexxpot should provide more of a body high, which not only would make is useful for treating pain, but also for allowing women to feel more in their bodies, and less cerebral, so they can orgasm during sex.

Designed by Karen Wagner, founder of Paradigm Medical Marijuana, Sexxpot is derived from another low-THC strain called Mr. Nice, and was packaged and branded, with an extra x, as an aphrodisiac weed for women. With less THC than other strains, Wagner said the strain puts women in a “sensual” headspace, enough to make the body more sensitive, but not enough to put them to sleep or get anxious.

There’s some skepticism though as to whether Sexxpot is more than just good branding. One former grower, who commented on weed encyclopedia Leafly, claims it’s just a marketing gimmick. Another review said it felt more like an energized sativa, good for not just sex, but also mood stimulation and creativity.

Of course, whether or not Sexxpot is the strain that gets you in the mood, it’s not the only one out there with aphrodisiac properties. Thanks to the entourage effect — the symbiotic relationship among all the different chemicals in cannabis, including cannabinoids (chemical compounds) and terpenes (aromatic chemicals) — the way a strain acts on a person is not just dependent on how much THC it contains.

Other strains known to help stimulate your sex life include Ultimate Trainwreck, a happy, focused sativa, Sour Dream, a euphoric giggly hybrid, and Hindu Skunk, a mellow, relaxing indica.

Typically, THC is more an aphrodisiac for women than it is for men, says Stephen Kerford, chief executive of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, a San Francisco-based cannabis delivery service geared toward women, carrying female-oriented products. “Especially if it’s strong, for men it might be more of a watch TV, appetite stimulant type of thing, but for women, it’s the indica strains that typically provide the more relaxing, soporific effect,” he says. He compares a medium THC level indica to drinking a glass of wine. “Something that won’t knock your socks off, but makes you loosey goosey or open to suggestion,” Kerford says.

What Sexxpot did when Wagner first marketed it was shed light on cannabis products that could and should cater to women. Now, not only do a number of strains make sex better, but other products like sensual lubricants, bath salts, and creams help, too.

Sexxpot and and other indica strains may serve as aphrodisiacs, especially for women, helping them relax and more easily orgasm.

Headspace Sensory

FORT COLLINS, Colorado, Feb. 5, 2018 — Headspace Sensory LLC, a company dedicated to the olfactory analysis of cannabis, today announced the publication of the first scientific study of strain differences in cannabis aroma. The study appears in the peer-reviewed, open-access journal PLOS ONE.

“Smell plays a key role in how people experience cannabis,” said Headspace Sensory founder and managing member Avery N. Gilbert, PhD, the study’s lead author. “Each strain has its own aroma and the range of smells across strains is extraordinary—it rivals that found in different wines.”

The study, conducted in Colorado where adult recreational use has been legal since 2014, examined eleven cannabis strains, including such popular varieties as OG Kush, Durban Poison, and Lemon Diesel. Volunteers, all over the age of 21, sniffed samples of dried cannabis flower and rated them on a ballot of odor descriptors.

The consumer panelists found big strain to strain differences in aroma. Statistical analysis revealed a broad pattern in the data. “We found two basic aroma profiles,” said Gilbert. “One is characterized as earthy, woody, and herbal, and the other is described as citrus, lemon, sweet, and pungent.”

Study participants were also asked to estimate the psychoactive potency of each strain, based solely on how it smelled. The citrus, lemon, sweet, and pungent strains were judged to be more potent than the earthy, woody, and herbal ones. This perception had little to do with the THC content of the respective samples. “The actual amount of THC in each sample had no bearing on smell-based perceptions of potency,” said Gilbert, who believes the result has implications for the marketing and branding of cannabis. “Consumer preconceptions are important and the industry needs to understand them.”

Gilbert said Headspace Sensory is already mapping the aroma profiles of additional strains. He believes this information will be useful to all sides of the rapidly growing industry. “Cannabis users are totally into the smell of it, and they need a reliable guide to nose their way through hundreds of available strains. Growers and breeders need reliable data to create aromatic strains that appeal to specific consumer preferences. Our goal at Headspace Sensory is to begin a whole new conversation about smell.”

The study reported here, “Consumer perceptions of strain differences in Cannabis aroma,” was written by smell scientist Dr. Avery N. Gilbert and analytical chemist Dr. Joseph A. DiVerdi. Full copies of the study can be downloaded for free at the PLOS ONE website:


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About Headspace Sensory, LLC

Headspace Sensory is a privately held startup based in Fort Collins, Colorado, founded in 2016 by well-known smell psychologist and entrepreneur Avery N. Gilbert, PhD. The company is pioneering the sensory evaluation of cannabis to bring consumers, growers, and dispensaries into the conversation about strain-specific aroma. It uses quantitative methods and an authoritative olfactory lexicon to create data-based aroma profiles for dried cannabis flower for many of the most popular commercial strains.

Headspace Sensory FORT COLLINS, Colorado, Feb. 5, 2018 — Headspace Sensory LLC, a company dedicated to the olfactory analysis of cannabis, today announced the publication of the first scientific