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Is LSA worth it? (Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds)


I’m an occasional marijuana smoker (weekends) and I’ve been interested in Psychadaelics for a while now but unsure. I’ve tried Salvia 20x but didn’t get the full experience of a trip for reasons.
I’m considering doing Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds. I’ve read a lot (I mean a lot) on them and I really want to try them. I think I’d try them more for the enlightening/educational trip rather than recreational. I want to explore my mind and see its capabilities.
However, I’m wondering if it’s worth it. People experience nausea and vasodeconstriction. Plus, I’m a little worried if they can have life-long recurring visions like LSD?
I’ve read many, many experiences on it and they seem to vary. Some don’t trip at all, some trip balls. Some throw up, some don’t.

Can anyone give me advice, or answer my questions?
Also, I was thinking of buying some from eBay however I’m unsure as to whether they’d work.
Here is an image:
I messaged the person asking if they contain LSA and she replied:
“I believe so, however we’re not allowed to sell them for that reason”.
So they should be the correct ones, right?

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I will chime in as well. Odds are that if you take HBW, you will come away with a bad impression of the hallucinogenic drugs are meant to be like. As Duck and Test say, please find yourself something else. I took them long after i had taken the more traditional substances, I saw the similarities but was removed from actuall being in the experience. Imagine watching fireworks far away through your kitchen window vs watching them on the beach directly under them.

Same idea but in one you are present, in the other you are divorced. I never had much trouble with my body or cramps save early on stomach trouble. Tried it a second time with harmaline – don’t do that.

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My experience with LSA was, alright. It’s been years, but I remember it fairly well. Two different occasions. You definitely throw up.

The trip had some interesting features. The vomiting part is actually a big part of the trip. Although you are tripping hard both before and after vomiting, the trip is different before and after. Definitely more enjoyable after, ime. It is a fairly confusing state to be in. Not exactly functioning, but not much less functioning than psil mushrooms.

When you throw up, immediately after, you experience some very intense visual colors that last maybe 30 seconds. Not blinding colors, more like a colored lens over your vision. Another strange thing about it is that whatever you put in your mouth before you throw up, say, peach tea. everything you put in your mouth after you throw up will taste exactly like peach tea. Water, soda, beer, doesn’t matter. Strange stuff. The most intense part of the trip is definitely from the time your throw up and some hours after.

I would say if you are just looking for a good trip with minimal side effects LSA is not a good choice. If you are just set on trying it all, go for it. It sounds like you were more so looking for a good trip. So I would say pass up LSA.

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I agree with Duck on the p torch cacti. I have never done an extraction and it was quite an ordeal to ingest that much cacti, but the trip was very long and very good.
The dried chunks ground to a powder was the easiest to ingest.

I have experienced a headache near the end of the trip on multiple occasions.

Mescaline, imo, is the earthiest of the psychadelics i have tried.

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1st post was 10/4.
Order spores. Arrive 10/6.
noccup grain jars.
Show 10/9.
Layout in tub (today) 10/19

You’d be 25 days from your 1st flush right now if you ordered the spores back then, and also have an infinite supply from then on.

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All of these people keep talking about vomiting, and horrible pain/cramps. There are easy ways around all of this.

1: Soak the seeds, and peel off the outer most shell (light milky color) and then grind them into a fine powder. Alternatively, you can use a knife to scrape it off. The seed is either a deep, dark brown underneath, or black. Depending on the age of the seed/over all seed maturity.

2: Due to the horrible taste, I recommend buying gel capsules to put them into, to swallow them like a vitamin. I find that, folding some paper to use as a funnel, helps not spill them. Place a second paper underneath the pour zone, so as not to lose any of it.

3: Have a decent diet during the day. Avoiding caffeine, pop, and sugar over all will help your over all sense of wellness for the coming trip. Drink water before, during, and after the trip. The seeds will make you need to pee a bunch, but that’s your body’s reaction to trying to dump the toxins.

4: Eating a couple hours before tripping, can get your stomach ready for the trip. Taking some over the counter pain meds could also ease some symptoms of pain, or potential cramping.

5: Don’t let yourself get cold. Due to LSA being a vascular constrictor (shrinks the veins and arteries a bit), blood flow will be slightly restricted. Your feet, and legs may become cold from this. I recommend using a heating blanket for over all comfort.

6: Much like alcohol, BHWS will increase blood pressure. Make sure you’re not taking any blood pressure meds, before beginning this trip. While there are no recorded documents (to my knowledge) on the interactions, I’d still be careful.

7: The over all trip is between 6 and 8hrs long. I did some last night. Beginning at 7PM, and lasting until 3AM.

You may not be able to sleep, even if you feel tired. Laying down, and watching a movie can help, but I recommend more than 1, since you’ll probably still be tripping.

If you feel as if you’re uneasy, take a chamber pot with you to urinate in, so you can go back to laying down sooner. How ever, getting up, and walking around will help with over all blood flow, and could ease some of the symptoms. Over walking isn’t a good thing. Never attempt exercise while tripping, the fatigue the next day isn’t fun.

You don’t need to avoid dairy products, as you would have to with LSD. As far as I know, there is no way to abort a trip. How ever, if you have seroquel, you can force yourself to sleep, if it seems too intense for you.

Having a babysitter is good, but having one who understands what you’ll be going through is far better. A reassuring hand is always a plus.

Either way, I’ll be around, if you have questions for me.

I'm an occasional marijuana smoker (weekends) and I've been interested in Psychadaelics for a while now but unsure. I've tried Salvia 20x but didn't get the…

Local Doctor: Eating Seeds To Get High Could Be Fatal

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A dangerous trend has resurfaced. Across the country, teens and young adults are eating seeds to get high.

At the Pittsburgh Poison Center at UPMC, Medical Director Dr. Michael Lynch said they receive around 20 to 30 calls a year.

“But, I think that vastly underestimates the overall use in the area,” said Dr. Lynch. “We probably don’t even know as much as is happening. We know that more are using than present to the emergency department.”

Some of the seeds and plants are Jimson Weed, which grows wild in Pennsylvania, morning glory seeds, and Hawaiian baby woodrose. Dr. Lynch said they have hallucinogenic effects, but can also have dangerous outcomes.

“In severe cases, agitation, sweating, and injuries quite frankly, while confused,” Dr. Lynch said.

There are more some seeds that can even be fatal, like oleander, foxglove and angel’s trumpet.

“Taking too much of that can cause the heart rate to slow way down, have abnormal heart rhythms and even death. So, that would probably be the most dangerous class of plants,” Dr. Lynch said.

KDKA’s Heather Abraham called a dozen nurseries in the area. Very few were aware of this trend, but at Hahn’s Nursery in Ross, Diana Knapp says she hears about it every decade or so.

“They can make you sick. Anytime you’re not in control is a problem,” said Knapp. “And like I said, some of them can be lethal. They can kill you. I’m really not exaggerating. That’s what it is.”

Some users are posting their post-high experience on YouTube, calling it a “trip report.” Knapp said these videos should not be viewed as “advice.”

“It’s not even, be careful. It’s don’t do it,” said Dr. Lynch, who warned again of the dangers of some of the seeds. Foxglove, for example, is used in some heart medications.

“That can stop you in your tracks,” Dr. Lynch said.

Dr. Lynch recommends parents call the Poison Center if they have questions and to talk with their kids about the risky, and even life-threatening, side effects.

“Open and frank discussions about the dangers of things that might not seem that dangerous on the surface,” Dr. Lynch said.

A dangerous trend has resurfaced. Across the country, teens and young adults are eating seeds to get high.