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Golden Haze Feminized


Golden Haze Feminized

After centering our attention on heavy hitting Indicas for the past few seasons we decided it was time to focus on producing a potent haze to add to our library. Golden Haze is a cross of Super Silver Haze with the Amnesia Haze by the legendary Soma. Both had characteristics we liked and after a lot of initial groundwork, we came across this unique phenotype which literally shone brighter than her sisters in the grow. Straight away we knew what we had created – this stunning Golden Haze.

As early as 2011, we entered this strain into the 24th anuual High Times Cannabis Cup. At the time, High Times LOVED this strain – we were featured in their 2012 guide to the ‘Earth’s Strongest Strains’.
Here’s what High Times had to say about our Golden Haze back then:

“The Golden Haze (20.51% THC tested): ..a nine-week pheno of the legendary Amnesia Haze, shows the (Devil’s Harvest) crew’s prowess as big-time indoor cultivators, as they got the old-school strain into the upper stratosphere of potency, rocking it at more than 20% THC – something definitely not easy to do with her.”

After spending some time stabilising the cross, we kept her in the library and persevered with other projects. Other strains have been created in our labs and gone on to great things, but we never forgot about our Golden dream.

Several months ago, we decided to revive the project. We stabilized and tweaked the strain– it is now a slightly longer flowerer than before. The extra week or 2 at the end has increased her potency even further without impacting on the taste and form which were so popular.

The taste is classic Haze. If you’ve smoked Haze then you know – the good stuff has this unique, wispy quality to the smoke. The taste harps back to the original ‘Amni’. Growers will see all the classic characteristics of the old-school Haze. Be warned, she really does stretch in the last 2-3 weeks so leave lots of room. Outdoors, Golden Haze can grow into a monster at well over 2 metres tall. This is partly due to how hardy and durable it is, giving the ability to flower well into mid-October and beyond.

We are very proud of our Golden Haze. As you can see from the photos – she really does glisten under the light. Here at Devil’s Harvest Seeds, we are very happy with what we’ve created. We are delighted to offer feminized Golden Haze at a very competitive price (we think so anyway). Enjoy!

Golden Haze Feminized Description Golden Haze Feminized After centering our attention on heavy hitting Indicas for the past few seasons we decided it was time to focus on producing a potent

The Golden Haze Strain Reviewed

The Golden Haze strain is the type of marijuana strain that Connoisseurs genuinely get into. It combines the award-winning strain, Amnesia Haze with the award-winning Super Silver Haze to deliver a powerful Sativa-dominated punch. The Golden Haze strain offers its users plenty of benefits for medicinal and recreational purposes. This strain provides enough energy to get even the most fatigued person throughout the day.

The Golden Haze strain is a good looking strain that comes in with THC levels above 20%, typically averaging around 22%. Those high levels are the main reason why this is such a popular marijuana strain. The Golden Haze strain is known to put its users in a trance that keeps them glued to the couch with a syndrome known as couch-lock.

Golden Haze Origins

Bred by the Devil’s Harvest Seeds in Amsterdam; Golden Haze is a 70% to 30% Sativa-dominant marijuana strain. As mentioned above, it comes from Super Silver Haze and Amnesia Haze. To further understand Golden Haze we have to get into the background of its parent strains.

Super Silver Haze Background

Super is in its name for good reason. The Super Silver Haze strain is a classic strain that often leads to productive days by its consumers. Super Silver Haze is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that has a citrus taste.

Green House Seeds is the company that is responsible for this tremendous strain and is a dominant grower known around the world for its seeds and cannabis plants.

Golden Haze has won several awards for its popularity and smooth smoke. It took first place three years in a row at the High Times Cannabis Cup in the 90s. Overall, this is a great marijuana strain that offers some great genetics to the Golden Haze strain.

Amnesia Haze Background

Like the Super Silver Haze strain, we have another first place award-winner with the Amnesia Haze strain. This strain is another Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that gives cerebral effects that many consumers crave.

THC levels range between 20%-25% and as you know, these are some of the stronger levels on the market.

Growing Golden Haze

Growing the Golden Haze strain is an easy plant to grow This makes this strain ideal for new growers. It provides a better harvest when it is grown outdoors. You can expect this plant to be on the taller side. It is a little over 78 1/2 inches in height.

If you’re growing this strain outdoors, be sure that it’s in a warm Mediterranean climate, as this will provide the best results. Trying to grow this in a warm dry climate will kill the crop and ruin your harvest. For those new to growing, there is a big difference between growing in a Mediterranean climate and a dry climate.

The yield, in general, is going to give growers a medium yield indoors and a high yield when grown outdoors. When harvesting, be sure to wait until late October, as you don’t want to pick this strain too early for the best results. It takes about 9-10 weeks for this plant to flower on average.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance of the Golden Haze Strain

The Golden Haze strain has a glowing appearance as it has very light green leaves covered with golden trichomes throughout. It is an appealing strain to look at for heavy marijuana consumers.

The Golden Haze strain was entered into the High Time Cannabis Cup in 2011 and it won an award for the strongest strain.

The Golden Haze strain takes your nose to a world of spice and fruit scents. When smoked, the Golden Haze strain fills the room with spice that is almost overpowering. But, before that, it finishes off the nostrils with a sweet citrusy smell. People truly enjoy the smell of the Golden Haze strain as it clears their sinuses out with the flavoring.

Within the flavor profile, users will notice the Golden Haze strain delivers a spicy lemon flavor. Most people say that the lemon flavor is more noticeable. They also mention that the first taste you are hit with is spice. The Golden Haze strain has a good reputation for its flavor profile and aroma for these reasons. Lemon and spice go together and often remind people of a proper Mediterranean dish.

Medical Benefits of the Golden Haze Strain

The medical benefits of this Sativa-hybrid strain are mainly:

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Stress

Depression is the number one reason people have been medically prescribed the Golden Haze strain. With a strong THC level, Golden Haze provides patients with what they’re looking for, which includes a peaceful mind. Sativa-dominant strains are typically great for depression because they provide a sense of euphoria, while still keeping the user’s mind calm.

People will often try anti-depressants before trying medical marijuana and sometimes they get so hooked on the pharmaceutical drugs. These medications end up doing more harm than good.

If you struggle with energy, the Golden Haze strain is a sure-fire pick-me-up that will punch you in the face, in a good way. You can use this as a wake and bake strain to start your day off on the right foot, and to get yourself feeling energized.

If you’re struggling with a loss of appetite, the Golden Haze strain will help. Like most strains with high THC amounts, this one will increase your appetite. An interesting point to make is that people who aren’t eating properly, end up messing with a chemical in their brain called serotonin. When the serotonin levels are down, it leaves users with poor wiring in the brain and that leads to depression and anxiety. When you mix that with malnutrition, people may develop serious medical conditions or even death.

Stress is one more medical benefit of this strain. When consumed, it is known for reducing stress levels and making its users see the world with a more positive outlook, giving them rose-colored glasses. Because Sativa strains give you energy, the Golden Haze Strain will lead you to exercise.

Recreational Uses of the Golden Haze Strain

This is the type of strain that most of its users want to use before doing outgoing activities.

Some of the recreational uses include:

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Jiu-Jitsu
  • Reading

Hiking is a big reason people use the Golden Haze strain, as it opens them up into a world of positivity. It also gives consumers the energy to go out and be in nature hiking, rowing, or kayaking.

Biking is another activity users pair with the Golden Haze marijuana strain. It can give them the energy to go longer routes and helps in keeping their overall senses more alert. Being alert is the key for cyclists because they share the road with cars. Cyclists will also need to watch for pedestrians in or around bikeways.

Jiu-jitsu is a rather new sport that marijuana consumers typically enjoy. Proof in this can be found in one of the biggest Jiu-jitsu advocates in the world, Joe Rogan. He loves paring the advanced mind power with the low-impact of the sport to provide a unique workout experience. It’s almost like a game of chess and people truly enjoy marijuana before this sport.


The Golden Haze strain has been growing in popularity and creating a huge following because of its potency and effects. The potency is always something that consumers like in a strain because it means they don’t have to take as much to reach the effects that they want. This saves them money overall and they don’t have to shop as much.

With awards already being won, it is very likely that the Golden Haze strain continues to win more and grow around the world. People are using this strain in hopes of crossbreeding it into new strains. If you haven’t tried Golden Haze yet, you definitely should.

As mentioned above, take this strain slow, as the effects can be rather strong if over-consumed. If you do happen to feel overly confident, make sure you remind yourself you can not overdose on marijuana and after a while, the feelings will pass.

Searching for the right marijuana strain? Check out the details for the Golden Haze strain, and all of the pros, cons, and benefits that the Golden Haze strain will offer you, today!