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Is It Legal To Buy Cannabis Seeds In The U.S.?

Whether it’s legal to buy cannabis seeds in the U.S. is a question that crosses the minds of many aspiring growers. There’s something exciting about being able to have your own little grow op at home. However, given the legal penalties, the last thing you want to do is get into any trouble. So are marijuana seeds illegal in the U.S.? The answer goes beyond a simple “yes” or “no”, so we’re about to get into details to make this confusing situation a little clearer.

Federal And State Marijuana Seeds Laws

While you can buy, possess, and cultivate marijuana seeds in some states, it’s possible to still face federal charges. Federal law lists the marijuana plant as a Schedule I controlled substance, making it illegal. However, as of 2020, 33 U.S. states have legalized medical marijuana, 11 of which also offer it recreationally. If you live in one of these states, it’s possible to purchase seeds at a medical or recreational dispensary. Where it’s illegal, you have to order seeds online and at your own risk*.

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Where Is It Legal To Grow Cannabis?

Believe it or not, cannabis seeds have other uses, such as fishing bait or bird food. However, assuming you want to buy cannabis seeds for cultivation, the natural first step would be to see if you’re allowed to grow the plant.

Let’s take a look at the states where this is possible.


Cannabis is fully legal in Alaska. You can grow up to 12 plants at once, although only 6 are allowed to be in the final flowering stage.


Arizona has legalized medical marijuana, but recreational use remains illegal. Patients can now grow up to 6 plants. However, these need to be in an enclosed area, safely out of public view.

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Recreational users can grow up to 6 plants and dedicate a maximum of 100 square feet to marijuana growing. Medical patients, however, may grow an unlimited number of plants.


Colorado allows both medical and recreational marijuana.

Medical and recreational users may grow up to 6 plants. However, keep in mind that only 3 can be in the flowering stage.


Marijuana is fully legal in Hawaii. Registered medical marijuana cardholders can legally grow up to 10 plants. Interestingly, you have to register the growing area with the Hawaii Department of Health. If you’re only a recreational consumer, 6 plants are allowed, although only 3 can be fully mature.


Recreational users can grow up to 6 flowering plants, while medical consumers are limited to 3.

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Marijuana is fully legal in Massachusetts. You can grow up to 6 plants, but this limit changes to 12 if there’s more than one adult (aged 21 or older) living in the home.


Medical access to marijuana is limited in Michigan, but it’s also recreationally legal. If you’re 21 or older, you can grow up to 12 plants.


Medical marijuana is legal in Missouri. However, patients have to pay a fee to grow cannabis and are limited to 6 plants.


Medical weed is legal in Montana. You’re allowed to grow up to 4 mature plants and 4 seedlings. However, this number doubles if there’s more than one adult patient in the house.


Growing weed is fully legal in Nevada, provided you live more than 25 miles from a dispensary.

The limit is 6 plants per person and a maximum of 12 in each household.

New Hampshire

Medical marijuana is legal in New Hampshire. Patients can grow up to 3 mature plants, 3 immature ones and 12 seedlings.

New Mexico

You can buy marijuana seeds and consume weed for medical purposes in New Mexico. You’re allowed to grow up to 16 plants, but only 4 of them can be mature.


Weed is totally legal in Oregon, allowing up to 4 marijuana plants. Caregivers can have up to 8 patients at a time and grow a maximum of 6 plants per patient.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island provides limited access to medical marijuana. Recreational use is still illegal, although medical patients can grow up to 12 plants and 12 seedlings.


Vermont fully legalized marijuana in 2018. Currently, you can grow 9 marijuana plants, but only 2 are allowed to be mature.

Washington State

Washington state gets credit for being the first state to legalize marijuana. Unfortunately, cultivation is limited to medical patients, who can have up to 6 plants.

Washington, D.C.

Not only is home cultivation allowed in D.C., it’s also the only way to get legal marijuana. You can gift up to one ounce to another adult, but no money can be exchanged. This presents a problem for people who don’t know how to grow weed. Many people get around this by giving marijuana as a “gift” with the purchase of an unrelated item, like a t-shirt.

Is It Legal To Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, you can order seeds online. It’s best to buy from a state vendor, as it’s illegal for seeds to go over state lines due to the federal ban on cannabis.

Is It Safe To Order Marijuana Seeds Online?

It’s fairly safe to order marijuana seeds online. In the worst-case scenario, the package will be intercepted and confiscated. You won’t face legal penalties. The only other concern is whether the source is legitimate or a scam. Make sure you research the vendor before you buy.

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Herbies doesn’t want you to get busted for ordering seeds – although this is highly unlikely to begin with. However, just to be safe, we hand-pack and disguise your product to resemble a normal online retailer. Check out our Shipping page if you want to learn more about our discreet shipping methods.

Will U.S. Cannabis Laws Change?

Federal legalization is a hot topic, with support and opposition visible on both sides of the political spectrum. However, on a federal level, the current government attitude appears to be “hands-off” when it comes to states and marijuana enforcement.

That being said, there’s clear support for at least working with the current system. The Secure and Fair Enforcement Act (S.A.F.E. Act) was introduced in 2019 to protect banks from federal prosecution if they work with state cannabis companies.

This act has bipartisan support and could end up in front of the president for approval (or veto) before the November elections.

If this bill is any indication, federal legalization is a matter of “when,” rather than “if.”

Possessing marijuana in seed form is legal in the U.S., but that changes the second you plant them. Using those seeds to grow marijuana is legal in some states, but federal intervention is always a concern. However, judging by the way things are progressing, there’s a good chance this won’t be an issue for much longer. For now, if you’re lucky enough to live in one of U.S. states where growing marijuana is legal, just make sure you observe all relevant limitations and get your seeds from trusted sources.

*All text and images on our website are for informative, entertainment or scientific purposes only. Herbies Seeds in no way condones, promotes or incites the use of illegal or controlled substances.

Having your own little garden can be really exciting. However, given the legal penalties, the last thing you want to do is get into any trouble. So are marijuana seeds illegal in the U.S.? The answer goes beyond a simple “yes” or “no”, so we’re about to get into details to make this confusing situation a little clearer.

How to buy weed seeds safely?

There are several ways to safely buy cannabis seeds. In countries, such as the Netherlands, where growing cannabis is legal (read: tolerated), cannabis seeds can often be bought in growshops and coffeeshops. In some countries it is even possible to buy medical marijuana at pharmacies as an MS patient. However, there are still plenty of countries (such as Australia, some parts of the U.S. and countries in Asia) where buying weed is still illegal. So how do you get cannabis seeds?

How do you get cannabis seeds?

How do you get marijuana seeds if you live in a country where buying cannabis seeds is still illegal? Simple, you buy marijuana seeds online. This may sound scary, but especially if you live in a country where you cannot or are not allowed to buy cannabis seeds, this is the only solution. Buying cannabis seeds online is safe and discreet and in most cases they are delivered on time. Even in countries where cannabis seeds are illegal. Luckily, in most European countries you can buy cannabis seeds online without any problems. Would you like to know more about this subject? Read the article ‘Is buying cannabis seeds (online) legal?

What should you pay attention to when buying cannabis seeds online?

When you decide to buy your seeds online, you also want to make sure you receive good seeds. Unfortunately, there are still online shops that scam customers, offer poor customer service, offer no or very few guarantees and sell bad seeds.


To prevent your purchase from turning into a disappointment, it is wise to do some research before making an online purchase. But even if you do a thorough investigation, it can always happen that you buy your cannabis seeds at the wrong place.

To help you find the right seed bank, we’ll give you some useful tips with this checklist below.

  1. Check the legislation in your country
  2. Buy at a European seed bank
  3. Start with a small order
  4. Divide your order
  5. Choose a discrete payment method
  6. Use a different name
  7. Use a different email address
  8. Have your shipment delivered in a mailbox
  9. Choose a shipping method without the need for a signature
1. Check the legislation in your country

Although the law in the Netherlands allows small quantities of cannabis seeds to be sold to customers, this does not mean that if you live abroad, growing and germinating cannabis seeds is allowed in your country. We therefore strongly recommend that you check the lawfulness of cannabis seeds in your country and check the regulations regarding the import of seeds before making a purchase.

2. Buy at a European cannabis shop

If you’ve Googled a bit, you may have noticed that many shops are located in Canada, the United Kingdom and of course the Netherlands. Dutch online cannabis shops are often located in or around Amsterdam: the source where the highest quality seeds come from and where the most knowledge can be found. For the best quality cannabis seeds it is therefore best to order from a reputable (Dutch) seed bank with a long track record.

3. Start with a small order

If you buy cannabis seeds more often from a certain cannabis seed shop then this rule doesn’t apply, but if you’re planning to buy cannabis seeds for the first time and you want to do this safely, then we recommend you start with a small order. After all, with a small order the risks are low. You can test the reliability of the shop, as well as the quality of the seeds, without it costing you a lot of money.

4. Divide your order

If you plan to order multiple (varieties of) seeds, it is advisable to divide your order over multiple purchases. For example, by placing a small order at different times or by buying cannabis seeds from different online providers. If an order does not arrive, there is a good chance that the delivery from the other provider will arrive. As an extra tip: pay attention to delivery guarantees when you make your purchase. For example, Weedseedsexpress offers a delivery guarantee with every purchase.

5. Choose a discrete payment method

Nowadays, online payments with credit cards have become very secure. As with Weedseedsexpress, most shops offer the possibility to buy cannabis seeds with a credit card via an external payment processor.

Buying cannabis seeds with a credit card offers advantages: first of all, the online seed bank only receives the payment without your credit card details. Secondly, the payment processor destroys the customer data after the payment has been made.

Furthermore, reputable online seed banks ensure that no marijuana related descriptions are linked to the transaction (as Weedseedsexpress does by default).

However, are you still a little reluctant to use your credit card? Then there is always a possibility to purchase a prepaid credit card. Often there are also alternative payment options offered such as:]

  • Bitcoins
  • Cash money
  • Bank transfer
6. Use another name

If you don’t want your name to be associated with marijuana related products, you can choose to order without Track & Trace. You don’t have to sign for the parcel/envelope when it is delivered. In that case you can choose to use a different name, abbreviation or only initials at the mailing address.

7. Use a different email address

Besides changing your name, you can also use a general email address without mentioning your own name. It’s very easy to create a new and free email address for example Gmail or And do you want to stay completely under the radar when you’re looking for cannabis seeds? Then use the search engine Qwant. This search engine does not store any personal data. No one will ever know that you have typed in ‘How to get cannabis seeds? or ‘How to buy cannabis seeds safely online’ ;).

8. Have your order delivered to a P.O. Box address

There are several seed banks that deliver weed seeds to a P.O. box address. Would you like that too? Then you can easily rent a PO box. Of course, you can also ask friends or family whether they would like to receive the order.

9. Choose a shipping option without signature

Registered mail such as Track & Trace mail usually requires a signature upon receipt. So for privacy reasons you can order without Track & Trace, but the disadvantage is that you cannot track the status of your order.

Buy your cannabis seeds safely and discreetly at Weedseedsexpress

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