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The Bulldog Seeds

Bulldog Seeds started as one of the very first cannabis coffee shop in the world in 1975. After 35 years in the business, the Bulldog Seeds has collaborated with the world’s best marijuana seed breeders and started creating its own line-up of quality cannabis genetics. Today it presents a selection of 12 of the finest feminized cannabis strains which are available at very affordable prices.

The Bulldog brand has become one of most, if not the most successful recognised cannabis related companies in the world.

It has official seed banks in Spain, Canada, The Netherlands, Austria, Italy and United Kingdom which include The Attitude, Basil Bush, Herbie’s Head Shop, Every One Does It, Seed Semilla and Grass Company.

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Easy grow. No real issues other than inexperience. She had a late growth a few weeks into flower which pretty much made the ScroG a non factor in the grow. Next grow is already planned out and I can’t wait. Right now though I have a cabinet full of beautiful colas drying in 70F 50%rh. The smell is very faint until you break open the buds and then the wonderful terps share their scents.

I’m contemplating growing this again so I can get it right but at this point I’m undecided. I guess I’ll make the decision once it’s cured and I can test the smoke.

The haul was much more than I expected. I’ll get a final weight after drying is complete. 2 bags of trim for edibles and concentrates then some beautiful buds for the vape. All in all I’m content.

I grew two different phenos.

The first was a bit more compact and didn’t turned out as good as the second pheno.

The 2nd was way better, even if the first one looked better when it comes to a nice beautiful bud.

The first pheno had Botrytis while the other one was resistant.

Very tasty weed that deserves it’s name.:ok_hand:

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The Bulldog Seedbank

The Bulldog Seedbank’s origins stretch as far back as 1975, when Dutchman Henk de Vries established the world’s very first coffeeshop. He named his new business venture after his most favoured companion, Joris, the Bulldog.

Since that day 40 years ago, the Bulldog brand has become an empire, with 5 coffeeshops, 2 hotels and a merchandise line to rival any in the cannabis industry.

The Bulldog Amsterdam’s newest venture is The Bulldog Seedbank. The company teamed up with some of the world’s leading cannabis seed breeders to establish their very own range of seeds.

The Bulldog Seed Company now offers a collection of 10 premium feminised cannabis seed strains for a very competitive price. The Bulldog Seedbank has spent half a decade collecting unique genetics and invested significantly into strain research & development to ensure that their collection is one of the very best in the industry.

You can buy Bulldog seeds directly from Seedsman today.

The Bulldog Seedbank is a cannabis breeder chosen specifically by Seedsman for the quality of their marijuana seeds. Buy your seeds online here.