best strains for hot dry climate

best strains for hot dry climate

Many cannabis seeds prefer hot climates in order to successfully grow. Choosing cannabis seeds for a hot climate gives you a lot of options. If you opt for a weed strain that flourishes in hot climates, then there are some things that you need to know first. The cultivation process is quite similar for all types of seeds. However, each seed has its own unique traits. Some prefer indoor growing while some prefer outdoors. Others may thrive in hot climates while some flourish in cool places. It all depends on which strain you choose. Regardless, they are all capable of successful harvests.

The Hawaiian Gold strain hails from the tropical islands of Hawaii. It is a marijuana strain that is used to the hot climates of its place of origin. This strain imparts strong scents and flavors of pineapple. When smoking this strain, expect strong feelings of drowsiness and happiness. It also imparts a strong feeling of euphoria. Growing them under the sun helps them develop strong and roots.
The Tangerine Dream’s extremely pleasant aroma pushes any marijuana user to come back for more. Its fruity and citrusy taste is also ideal for beginner marijuana users. This particular marijuana strain thrives under sunny conditions. It is also quite easy to grow as it requires less water than most strains. The Tangerine Dream has a high THC level of 20%. It also has high yields with harvests that can reach up to 450g. Its flowering period is around 10 weeks.

In order for cannabis plants to flourish, they must be exposed to the right conditions for growing. Regardless of which strain you choose, each cannabis plant must be treated with care and attention. If a cannabis plant is exposed to inadequate conditions, it cannot sustain the full development of the strain. It could also lead to a dull harvest of buds that are not potent.
Another example is marijuana strains grown in tropical and warm areas. Hawaiian strains such as Hawaiian Gold have no problem growing under sunny conditions. Also, Mexican strains such as Acapulco Gold are known to produce high yield rates if grown under hot climates. This is because strains such as there have a high resistance to heat. Sativa strains are known to be more heat resistant that ruderalis and indica strains. Sativas also require a lot less water when being cultivated. This means that auto-flowering strains much prefer cool climates. But there are some auto-flowering strains that bode well under warm conditions.
The Acapulco Gold marijuana strain’s origins can be traced to the high mountains of Mexico. Here, it flourishes in warm climates that most strains cannot tolerate. This makes it ideal for growers found in equatorial areas. The Acapulco Gold is a classic marijuana strain that gives feelings of creativity. It is also known to boost a person’s mood. It has a THC level of 20% which is quite high for Sativa strains.
Northern Lights is a strain that is known for its easy growing process. It is also a fast grower. The Northern Lights has been known to take up to 6-7 weeks of flowering time. It can also adapt to any growing conditions, including extremely warm climates. This strain is a classic that every marijuana fan has heard of. The flavors of this strain are earthy and diesel-like. It packs a strong punch for every hit that you take.
Knowing each marijuana strain’s preferred growing conditions gives growers a huge advantage. Although marijuana seeds are known to grow in any condition, they do have certain traits that allow them to flourish under specific conditions.

The LSD strain is quite a powerful strain. It gives off a strong cerebral high that you feel after just a few hits. It is great for increasing a person’s appetite. LSD is commonly used for its medicinal effects of treating anxiety and depression. It has a THC level of 17% which is quite moderate.

Keep these tips in mind when growing cannabis seeds for hot climate and always follow the steps in growing this strain. Read more info here.

One more point to note is that “Northern Lights” is known to grow fast. It takes approximately forty seven days. Harvest is usually by late September. This strain resembles a tree and it grows up to two meters outdoors. You can expect a harvest of about 600 grams or more for each plant.

Northern Lights
One of the cannabis strains that do well in hot climate is the “Amnesia Haze.” It is known to grow in Amsterdam. This is a sativa strain and it is grown outdoors in sunny climates. Its genes make it possible to grow it in countries like South Asia and Jamaica; among others. It is popularly used during the day for people looking for relief from stress, pain, fatigue and migraines.

Tangerine Dream
You can expect the harvest in late October and a yield of about 450 grams for each plant. If you have a creative mind, you will love the flavor and aroma of this strain. It will help you to write your next hit song or best seller book.
“Northern Lights” is one of those popular cannabis strains that are easy to cultivate in warm climate. When you choose this strain, you cannot go wrong. This is especially true since it is a choice made by a lot of avid stoners that want to enjoy a good smoke. It is also one of those cannabis strains that help patients with chronic pain, stress, insomnia and lack of appetite.
The LSD strain grows well in hot climate. It is one of the cannabis strains gives the user a nice cerebral high. When it is consumed, the user will have a nice feeling. It is also medicinally effective in reducing depression, relieving fatigue and helping with pain, stress and lack of appetite.
If you live in climate that is warm, hot and sunny, you are considered to be lucky once you are a cannabis grower. In fact, you will have more options to explore in comparison to growers that live in other climates. You have limitless opportunities to grow weed and have an abundant harvest.

LSD Strain

Learn more about the top cannabis strains that you can cultivate if you live in a location where the climate is hot. These are essential things to know.

Many cannabis seeds prefer hot climates in order to successfully grow. Choosing cannabis seeds for a hot climate gives you a lot of options. If you opt

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Cali breeders created Sour Diesel under the warm sun of the southern West Coast. Since then, she’s spread among the international cannabis community, leaving a trail of tasty terpenes. She stems from Original Diesel, Northern Light, Shiva, and Hawaiian. Her genetic profile of 70% sativa and 30% indica generates a cerebral effect. She produces densely packed flowers that hold a THC content of 19%, alongside medium levels of CBD. Sour Diesel doesn’t fall short when it comes to productivity, either. Indoor plants produce 475–525g/m², whereas their outdoor counterparts put out up to 600g per plant.

These strains will take full advantage of warmth and sunlight, really pushing themselves to the limit.