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Berry Beautiful optimizes every step of the production process to ensure our customers receive the purest, highest quality oils, powders and skin care products.

Raspberry and Cranberry seed oils applied daily work wonders. Not only do they work better than other facial oils and synthetic ingredients, they work in a way that will last a lifetime. Sought out by formulators, dermatologists and end-users, these beauty oils are the smart choice for a healthy glowing complexion.

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We strive to bring to you pure, high quality, healthy products made from red raspberry seeds that we source locally, during berry harvest season (July) here in the Pacific Northwest and from US grown cranberry seeds.

Berry Beautiful Red Raspberry Seed Oil Review

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Berry Beautiful makes my favorite red raspberry seed oil (read about this oil’s skin benefits here).

  • Berry Beautiful is the only company in the U.S. that cold-presses it’s own red raspberry seeds. You are purchasing straight from the producer.
  • They are a family-based company that strives to bring you pure, high-quality raspberry seed products. Their seeds are cold-pressed in batches throughout the year, to ensure freshness.
  • Berry Beautiful takes pride in excellent quality control, from drying the seeds to cold-pressing and packaging, they are there every step of the way.

Red Raspberry Seed oil Properties:

  • It can be applied directly to the skin or mixed with essential oils or other skin care formulations.
  • Hypoallergenic and very gentle.
  • Has a long shelf life of 1-2 years.
  • Nourishes the skin with fatty acids.
  • Excellent moisturizer and emollient.
  • Super antioxidant because of its high vitamin E content as well as plant polyphenols.


Red raspberry seed oil is a golden/amber color with a seedy aroma that fades into a hint of red raspberries. This product is considered a food-grade oil but is recommended for external use only.

The seeds are dried at low temperatures to keep phytochemicals intact and are pressed into oil 4 times a year. They do not distribute oil that is 3-4 months past it’s pressed date.


The bottle is glass and it comes with a glass dropper. It does not need to be refrigerated, though it wouldn’t hurt the oil to store it in the fridge and may increase its shelf life.


The oil is not pressed from organic raspberries. The variety the seeds are obtained from is an heirloom, non-GMO variety called Meeker. These are conventionally grown raspberries, so they more than likely have been sprayed, but the pesticides and herbicides do not get absorbed by the seeds, they are left on the fruit. The raspberry seed oil has been tested as OP/OC free (organophosphate & organochlorine).

This oil is undiluted, with no preservatives added.

My Review of Berry Beautiful’s Red Raspberry Seed Oil

I love using this oil. It has a wonderfully subtle, sweet smell and it is a light oil that absorbs well into my skin. I love the nourishment it provides to my skin, keeping it hydrated and supple.

I use this oil by itself as a facial oil or body oil. I have also used it as a carrier oil for essential oils. I have made my own facial oil blend with Raspberry seed oil and Rocky Mountain Oils Skin Care Blend, it feels divine on my skin.

I have been using this oil for the past 4 months and it has not gone rancid at all yet. It still works as well as the day I got it. I love that this company only sells fresh-pressed oil, they will not sell oil that is over 3-4 months old.

*update – I have had this oil for 1 year now and I still have some left. It still smells wonderful and has not gone rancid ( I have kept it in my bathroom cupboard).


This oil will moisturize your skin with no greasy feeling. There is no shine, no burning or sensitivity, no pulling or tightness. Your skin will feel amazing.

People have reported that this oil has helped heal their breakouts, congested skin, acne, red spots, and enlarged pores. It makes their skin look younger and feel softer. Many people use it to make homemade sunscreens, as red raspberry seed oil has been reported to have a broad spectrum SPF of 28 – 50 (Oomah, et al 2000.)

I recommended this oil for all skin types. It is by far my favorite single oil. Get yours today and you won’t be disappointed.

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Have you tried red raspberry seed oil?

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