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Il seme ha risposto bene , si è aperto subito, inizialmente partita bene, ma per problemi di luce ha avuto difficoltà nel crescere,si è spazzata la punta per colpa della caduta del ventilatore che era messo a pinza sulla struttura del box. ma nonostante ciò la pianta ha spinto gli altri rami a formare 6 cime in mancanza della principale!

La pianta alla fine è stata molto resistente e ha risposto bene nonostante i continui stress!

Это второй мой Куш, сильное растение, но мне не зашло.

Growing experience, grow tips, strains reviews by home growers. Barney's Farm cannabis seed bank strain reviews.

Barney’s Farm Seeds Review

At Discount Cannabis Seeds we have over 3,000 weed strains available to buy on our website and one of the top selling seed banks we stock is Barney’s Farm.

Over the last decade, Barney’s Farm have produced some of the world’s most popular varieties of cannabis, Winning the Cannabis Cup and Indica/Sativa Cups with G13 Haze, Liberty Haze, Amnesia Haze, Willie Nelson, Cookies Kush, Pineapple Chunk, Tangerine Dream and many more, and Critical Kush becoming a bestseller within months of release.

So why not take a look at my blogs on Barney’s Farm and see some amazing reviews, growing tips, techniques on growing for the best cannabis bud money can buy and photos of the strains when harvested.

Here are some reviews on Barneys Farm cannabis strains so you can see what customers think.

Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha was awesome I’m going to be growing that one for many years to come best sativa I have grown yet.

Vanilla Kush

Vanilla Kush is the heaviest yielder I have found yet with a unique awesome vanilla flavour when smoking, bag appeal is through the roof with real dense rock-hard buds, light green in colour and just covered in light orange hairs. I’m doing my second grow of this strain now. (this strain likes extra calcium)

Morning Glory

Morning Glory was not the biggest yielder I was expecting more but I did have some issues through the grow too. the smoke was incredible though a real hazy type smoke almost overpowering in a racy sort of a way not much on smell. that said this strain did well enough that I’m growing out some clones now to see if I can get better results this time around without the issues I had last time. (this strain needs extra magnesium)

Pineapple Chunk

My 1st grow I grew out a Pineapple Chunk that was not the sativa dominant pheno and was finished by day 62 when I decided to harvest. It is some of my favourite smoke ever. I just love the taste of it. The buzz is potent and the smell is pretty skunky. Not something you want to grow without odour control. At least my pheno you wouldn’t want to.

I did since it was my first grow, and I was paranoid the last week and after harvest while it is drying it stinks so damn bad. You could smell it outside my house a couple doors down and it smelled straight up like skunk. Good thing here in Kentucky skunks are everywhere and we are constantly smelling their spray, so nobody was the wiser.

Liberty Haze

So let’s look at Liberty Haze feminised cannabis seed by Barney’s Farm as I have some great photos and helpful growing tips and techniques especially for you.

Liberty Haze was grown indoors using LED 400 watts lighting, Canna nutrients and medium soil. The growing techniques which we were used are LST (Low Stress Training) is a technique to gently bend young plant branches and tie them down as they grow outwards and then upwards.

This naturally creates multiple bud sites and allows far bigger marijuana yields indoors, “ScrOG” (Screen of Green) involves applying a wire or nylon mesh over the top of the plants while they are young, and later tying them down to the mesh. The idea is to allow the lower buds to reach the light, thus creating a level canopy and achieving higher yields as a result.

“Topping” is cutting the top of a young cannabis plant’s main stem between two nodes in order to break its propensity to grow one dominant cola and develop several colas instead. More colas lead to a larger amount of bud sites, and consequently greater yields.

Here we have a review from the cannabis grower and some amazing photos of Liberty Haze.

Liberty Haze is a marvellous strain to grow. Beautiful colours will appear during flowering stage, going from all Rasta colours to dark purple leaves. 4 out of 4 seeds germinated within 4 days.

She doesn’t need to much nutrients during growing as well in flowering stage. EC-levels never got higher than 1,5. I’ve used fertilized soil, so if you’re a coco or soilless grower you might want to think twice before taking over these EC-levels.

There were no problems with mould or diseases. Just some leaf problems after repotting them, but that was my mistake. I re-potted them a bit too soon and they suffered from root damage. But they recovered perfectly within a week.

They’re also easy to SCRoG and do not stretch to much in the first weeks 2-3 weeks of flowering.

The dominant smell during harvest was fresh lime. The smoke is soft in the throat.

The taste is a bit sweet, lime/lemon with woody undertones & the effects are at first more high in the head and then fades into a relax state of body & mind that lasts long.

Barney’s Farm Liberty Haze is a cross of G13 Male with a fast flowering ChemDawg 91.

  • • An excellent plant for both indoor and outdoor environments
  • • Long dense cola’s start to really fatten up in the last three weeks
  • • Liberty Haze has a distinct and refreshing lime taste and fragrance
  • • Barney’s Farm lab tests have rated the THC content as high as 25%
  • • The Liberty Haze buzz is immediate and long lasting with an alert and euphoric cerebral effect.

Isn’t she just a beauty and to top it off Liberty Haze by Barneys Farm is available to buy from our website today!

Gorilla Zkittlez

Next up we have another favourite from our customers and this one is Gorilla Zkittlez with some growing tips, techniques, reviews and photos of the weed seed.

Gorilla Zkittlez was grown indoors by this cannabis grower using 1000 watts LED lighting and 250 HID watts lighting. The nutrients used for the feeding of the cannabis plant was Canna, Hesi and Plagron. They used 4 types of growing techniques which were HST, Topping, Main lining and Defoliation.

Here we have review from the grower.

I trained this strain HST top mainlining lollipop defoliation and she loved this! Buds are compacts and sticky! I must shake all jars before open because of the rosin! Highly recommend Gorilla Zkittlez to anyone! Aromatic shrub herbal smells & taste reminds me a lot of lavender earthy woody undertone taste with a super long high but a creative high I smoke her at any time of the day.

These buds are amazing. The Gorilla strains never fail to produce beautifully ripe nugs. She tastes a little fruity now off the stems but needs some jar time to release those smells. Her smoke is smooth and definite citrus tang on exhale which suggest a cure still needed too. Her hit is a steady build over a few minutes each hit but leads to a pleasant steady, chatty high. To use in joints, she is perfect. That gritty crumble has me every time and the main reason I chose the strain to grow. Love this Strain and one for the keeper collection.

I also have another strain review on Gorilla Zkittlez from another cannabis grower who is mad about Barneys Farm.

Gorilla Zkittlez is an amazing very strong like a 25%+ THC hybrid strain. I got the pleasure to grow this wonderful plant.

Very beautiful purple-blue colours, everywhere I look I see amazing crystals.

Gorilla Zkittlez have a compact like a stone very frosty buds.

The smell not so strong, you don’t need a filter.

The smell is so amazing, amazing smell of fruits, strawberries, cherry blossoms, and sweet chocolate.

Growing this plant very easy, suitable for beginners.

The plant has a high resistance to everything.

I got 105 grams dried buds.

I am used a minimum of fertiliser, I’m not chasing the yield.

The Smoke: Gorilla Zkittlez is a very strong, very psychoactive Indica dominant hybrid.

To be honest this strain surprised me, so strong, and psychoactive.

Ten times enhanced sight, hearing, taste. Colours change, become brighter, listening music is a real pleasure, and food, God, it becomes so tasty, never ate such a tasty food, mmm!

The body becomes very light, and if you close your eyes it feels like you are on the cloud, and fly up.

The high was a true mind high, not just a body buzz in my head. This is one of the few strains I’ve had that made my thoughts clearer. The happiness and light heartedness you feel are amazing!!

Everything feels so simple and do able. I feel like this would be an interesting strain to smoke before meditation.

I recommend to everyone, It is a masterpiece from Barney’s Farm.

This cannabis strain was harvested at week 18 and on the scales the dry bud weight was 6.17oz in a grow room 6.89ft2.

Barney’s Farm brand new Gorilla Zkittlez Feminised Cannabis Seeds unleash the gigantic power of West Coast genetics with an amazing fusion of GG 4 and Zkittlez.

• An exquisite trichome celebration awaits following 60 days in bloom.

• You won’t forget the first time you experience Gorilla Zkittlez’s fertile fruits.

• Leaning toward the Indica side of the cannabis spectrum, this emerging favourite is a powerful and thought-provoking beauty, whose trichome-laden glistening pistils will delight all comers.

• Why not let Gorilla Zkittlez’s 24% THC seduce you into a warm realm of rest and relaxation that you will never want to leave?

• Flowering times of 8-9 weeks can be expected indoors, with outdoor grows finishing in early October.

• Expect up to 2.5 kg from a well-cared for outdoor grow and a final height of up to 1.7m.

Let’s look at this beauty when harvested.

Wow, isn’t she just incredible! For highs that will leave you stoned for hours then buy Gorilla Zkittlez at our website

Let’s look at our next one from Barneys Farm which is an Auto flowering cannabis strain for anyone loving the Auto vibe.

Purple Punch Auto

Purple Punch Auto was grown indoors in a grow room 6.10 ft2 with lighting by MARS TS LED 150 watts. Advanced nutrients and FoxFarm nutrients were used for the feeding of the cannabis plant. The growing techniques used were LST on week 4 and defoliation on week 1 and week 4.

The review from the cannabis grower.

Purple Punch Auto is 63 days old and getting close. But. she just keeps plumping up with new white pistils. I’m betting I get another week to go. Smell has really increased over the last week, she’s pushing my exhaust fan to its limit, but so far little-to-know odour leaking from tent.

I’ve got to say, my previous experiences with autos didn’t go great, but with adjustments I’ve made to lighting, I’m thinking this is the way to go! And with this being my 2nd strain from Barney’s Farms, I have to say that their mastery of plant genetics is expert level for sure! (Previous BF strain I grew was Red Diesel, which was my largest harvest weight to date and, wow, those buds are just amazing)

Purple Punch Auto by Barney’s Farm, she grows like a champ, the biggest auto in the tent. Nice long branches, solid structure.

Increased the bloom taking the fish mix out now starting to add top max soon. She develops very quick, we will see what the next days bring, it’s a beautiful plant so far, very impressed.

I’m glad I LST trained her, she is so tall she wouldn’t have too big for the tent. I loved it. Grew some nice buds, produced an amazing smell that filled the room once I opened my tent. The buds are sticky, trichomes looked amazing they were about 75% cloudy when I cut her down.

Barneys Farm Purple Punch Auto Feminised is a USA x Barney’s Farm mix of Purple Punch and monster Auto Critical. Just look at parents of this awesome Auto; Granddaddy Purple x Larry OG x Big Bud x Skunk #1.

• Purple Punch Auto Feminised serves up a mouth-watering combination ensuring a happy, euphoric, relaxing sensation, ideal for de-stressing. Purple Punch Auto Feminised has an exquisite smooth sensual taste of Baked Apple Pie with cloves.

• Expect a sedative calming effects from Purple Punch Auto Feminised. Purple Punch Auto Feminised is a short stocky cannabis plant with numerous trichome laden, high yielding branches just dripping with resin tested at 25% THC. Purple Punch Auto Feminised will flower in 50-60- days and produce up to 350 – 400 gr per plant.

Let’s take a look at Purple Punch Auto when harvested and don’t forget to take a look at our website once you have read this blog as we sell all the Barneys Farm cannabis strains at the cheapest prices online.

Now I have a best-selling cannabis seed by Barney’s Farm with our customers at Discount Cannabis Seeds and I will show and tell you why!

Peyote Critical

Peyote Critical has been grow indoors with FL lighting 150 watts and HID lighting 400 watts. Advanced nutrients and BioBuzz nutrients were used for the feeding of the cannabis plants and LST techniques week 1 and 3, topping techniques on week 2 and 3 and defoliation stages on week 3,4 and 5.

Here I have 2 reviews from cannabis growers on Peyote Critical so let’s look.

Peyote Critical is masterpiece strain! those colours, those terps, that insane trichome production. best strain I ever grown and smoked and its only 1 week cured at the moment. Smoke is next level, hits hard and lasts long, strong body high that will make you feel like a squid, but creative squid. I’m waiting her to cure a little bit more to give decent review. This strain is something closest I’m looking from weed.

Harvested after a flowering period of 7 weeks (49 days).

Very nice growth habit with slightly smaller buds compared to the others and due to very good photosynthesis much faster. Hard, resin coated and very strong-smelling buds. Meanwhile a certain time has passed and I can say that organically grown it has a very powerful effect on head and body.

Are you ready for something special from the Barney’s lab? Get ready for Peyote Critical

• Peyote Critical Feminised Cannabis Seeds is an exclusive limited edition pure Indica hybrid, with awesome yield potential and fantastic pest resistance qualities.

• Peyote Critical Feminised Cannabis Seeds has been created by crossing Peyote Purple and Critical Kush and the result is an Indica hybrid that combines all the raw power of the Critical Kush with the notorious sweet flavour and colourful brilliance of the Peyote Purple

• This weed plant is recommended for all levels of grower – those new to cultivation but also experienced growers looking for something different. Peyote Critical Feminised Cannabis Seeds is Powerful, sweet tasting and big yielding

Let’s look at Peyote Critical fully harvested!

And finally, on my Barneys Farm blog I have a beauty to share with you growing tips, photos and reviews.

Cookies Kush

Cookies Kush is the outcome of combining a Girl Scout Cookies with a powerful OG Kush. It showcases amazing results of growing, yields, flavours. Cookies Kush is the winner of Overall at High Times Cannabis Cup 2014.

It is a potent and energetic Indica plant, that grows well even in difficult conditions and produces lots of dense buds! The flowering takes just 8 weeks indoors. The plant can reach to 1 m in tall. The strain opens you the deep mint chocolate taste. It has strong Indica effect.

Cookies Kush is available to buy on our website today! So let’s take a look at some reviews from cannabis growers.

Cookies is very dense, with loads of crystals that cover the buds quite well. They are nicely manicured little nuggets. Breaking them up was easier with a grinder but it still wanted to clump together, on account of the high resin content.


Fresh and piney with tones of metal and fuel. This one almost starts to smell greasy, Of course all great Kush fans will know that the unnatural scent of fuel and chemical can be the characteristic traits of a proper strain. Cookies Kush is that.


Dry hit is full of fire and ice. Spicy on the intake and a little cool and minty on the exhale Lighting it up makes it taste even better. Usually don’t get that with many weeds Very resinous, leaving a tingle on the lip and a sparkle on the tooth. Extremely flowery flavour. Very fragrant. Leaves an acrid taste in the throat but that’s all pure and natural.


Well, until now, it was smoked with a bunch of other weeds in the Cup, and it has stood out each time. This herb will make you serious for a bit. It is heavy. It isn’t the best weed in the world to smoke and then go out and be social with all the leaders in your industry. oh, like the Cannabis Cup. That is EXACTLY what makes this one so good it takes you for a ride and you just must hold on.


I mean this shit goes for daze and daze you’d better be down for a wild ride with this one. We will be smoking more of this when refreshed and able to deal.

Very pretty strain. Smells like the classic GSC smell. Yield was good. This stuff is the perfect mix of both worlds of head high and couch high. Gives you the munchies and giggles. Very smooth smoking. Compact bud structure. Curing for about two weeks now and it’s all I could have asked for in my first grow.

Growing Cookies Kush was grown indoors using LED 110 watts and Phyto-Max 200 watts LED lighting. Biobuzz, Green house feeding and BioMagno nutrients were used for the feeding of the cannabis plant. 5 growing techniques were used for this grow of Cookies Kush which were LST on week 11 and 12, HST also on week 11 and 12, Topping on week 11, FIMing week 12 and defoliation on week 11 and 12.

This strain is very forgiving to difficult conditions and easy to grow. The creation started using a specially selected Girl Scout Cookies pheno crossed with the very potent OG Kush. From the start the results were incredible, back crossing continued to find the perfect balance of Kush with the best attributes of Girl Scout Cookies

Powerful THC content, and with a flowering time of just under 60 days, Cookies Kush smells and tastes like a fresh baked Cinnamon roll with a nutty earthy after taste

Barney’s Farm Cookies Kush is a powerful and extremely vigorous Indica plant, yielding huge amounts of beautiful stoney Kush buds

Let’s take a look at her fully harvested.

Now that is the end of my blog on Barney’s Farm, so I hope you are more than tempted to head over to our website Discount Cannabis Seeds and purchase yours today.

Barney's Farm Seeds Review – Discount Cannabis Seeds