adler seeds

Adler seeds

Aug. 27, 2009

Source: AgVenture news release

Adler Seeds has joined AgVenture, Inc., the nation’s largest network of independently owned and operated regional seed companies. The company will continue its long-standing seed business as AgVenture Adler Seeds, now offering growers with the AgVenture brand of corn, soybeans and alfalfa.

AgVenture Adler Seeds co-owner John Adler said, “Within the fast-paced and rapidly changing seed industry, we found it extremely beneficial to our customers to join AgVenture’s unique business model. It allows us access to the best and most current seed genetics and the latest technologies on the market. In addition, we maintain our independence and our abilities to work with our customers one-on-one toward greater profitability on every acre. We have to be on top of what it takes to bring our customers the best possible seed resources. That’s what we have as AgVenture Adler Seeds.”

John, the son of Adler Seeds founder Howard Adler, said, “My father established this seed business in 1937. We have a strong legacy of understanding the soils and varied environmental conditions our customers face. We are pleased to continue our traditions, while advancing our product offerings. Joining AgVenture allows us to grow forward and grow well.”

AgVenture Adler Seeds office, previously based in Sharpsville, is now located in Lafayette, IN. In addition to John Adler, the core team includes Kyle Mandeville, Don White, Kelli Hawk, and John Mandeville, who added, “Working with AgVenture, we are better equipped to provide our customers with a wealth of specifically adapted products for the fields we know. With the strength of the brand and the national network of support and resources, we’re confident in our ability to provide significant advantages to our growers.”

AgVenture, Inc. chief executive officer John Cassidy said, “AgVenture Adler Seeds is what AgVenture is all about. This is a locally owned business that has a strong heritage here in Indiana. With the access to the seed genetics and technology that the AgVenture brand offers, Indiana growers stand to gain through this alliance.”

Beyond the new relationship and the extensive product line-up, AgVenture Adler Seeds will participate in AgVenture’s Maximum Profit System (MPS), an intensive education initiative and systematic approach to increasing bushels produced per acre, lowering cost per bushel and maximizing yield on every acre. John Adler added, “The strength of the MPS program means you will now have new tools and additional support available toward increasing your own profitability. That’s an exceptional advantage and well worth the transition to the AgVenture brand.”

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Adler Seeds Inc

6085 W 550 N
Sharpsville IN 46068

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Adler Seeds, Inc. wholesales farm supplies and the company provides farming, fishing, forestry and wildlife machinery and accessories.