2 week old seedling

2 week old seedling need help

Prince Charles
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here I am at around 2 weeks and as u can see the two bottom leaves are starting
to yellow and the rest are drooping. Nitrogen or pH deficiency?

just a little info about the environment:

fox farm happy frog soil medium mixed with a little pro-mix
it’s been going 24/0 1 26w cfl a room temp of 75f.
no nutes have been added yet. But I have maxicrop liquid seaweed 0 0 1 and earthworm castings 1 0 0
put a tiny bit of dolomite lime spreaded ontop of soil.
water has been as it’s needed.. when the soil feels dry about an inch down.

I’ve been watering with tap water that I let sit out for awhile but obviously that pH is too high
so I went out and got this which is 5% Acidity

How much of ^^^ should I add to a 32fl oz spray bottle for 6.3-6.8 pH .

I went and got some pH testing strips from home depot and their shit. It says that fresh
tap water out of the spicket was like at a pH of 6 according to the colors.

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You’re way better off getting a digital pH pen. you should be checking the pH of your water/feed solution everytime.
A pH of 6 is a little LOW. in soil, you want more of a 6.5-ish and in hydro/soil-less you go for more of a 5.8-6.0
And you need to get some pH up and down. I’ve never used vinegar as a pH buffer before

As far as your plant. It almost looks hungry to me. try a very light feeding

here I am at around 2 weeks and as u can see the two bottom leaves are starting to yellow and the rest are drooping. Nitrogen or pH deficiency? just a…

Do these seedlings look ok for 2 weeks?

  • Dec 20, 2010
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  • Shootz
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    This is my first grow, they sprouted on 12/7. I am worried that I am under watering them I usually water every 2 days. Lately the soil is getting very crusty and dry should i water them more?

    Medium- FF light warrior 160z cups
    Strain- 5 nirvana WW, 2 freebie autos
    Humidity- 40-50%
    Temp- 75-80 light on 70-75 light off
    light-4 26w 5000k CFLs on 20/4 light cycle

    • Dec 20, 2010
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  • AK GreenLover
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    They don’t look to shabby for a few weeks of age. Mine are that size by the first week, but at least they look decently healthy.

    You do want a good wet dry cycle, but it’s really BAD if you let your soil dry out to much before watering. If your soil is to dry most of your water will run right through instantly. Your soil wont hold as much moisture as it should.

    I grow with CFl’s a lot and have never bothered with 5000k in veg. I can say I tried them once but didn’t get the growth I wanted and was used to. I would use 1 x 2700k and 4 x 6500k in my veg box. I did however find a use for my 5000k bulbs. I use them in the last few weeks of flowering, and it seems to help a little with size. Not anything to write home about but I did go hmm on my last grow. So I will be using them again late in flowering next time.

    The only other thing I would recommend you do is kill the 24 / 0 light schedule with a massive axe. 24 / 0 is excellent for clones or the first few days of veg but thats it. If you must pump them with so much light at least go with 20 / 4 instead. It will promote better root growth. Thats probably the biggest reason why your two week plants are the size of my less then 1 weekers on an average grow.

    Anyways over all good job! Keep up the good work.

    • Dec 21, 2010
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    • Dec 21, 2010
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  • hc5guam
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  • MrsLonely
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    • Dec 21, 2010
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  • Thew1sest
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    Yeah just make sure you’re not over watering/ feeding the little girls. In the beginning they’ll take to minor changes and show it quite well how they’re feeling. You seem to have the light spectrum and watering down, (Just make sure to not over/ under water). Letting them just grow, and they’ll do just fine. Marijuana is a resilient plant and can thrive in many conditions that most think it would not.

    • Dec 22, 2010
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    • Dec 22, 2010
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  • Thew1sest
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    • Dec 22, 2010
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    if you going to put them under intense light. than is best to water them before doing so if is time for them to be water. than after that start put them under the intense light, after that.

    this way you’ll be safe and not get the top dry out. seedling won’t be growing to much untill they take root. so that’s not untill like atleast 3-5 day after they rooted well and than shoot to cum up. by than you is still not too late to start putting intense light on them.

    using a 400 hid light for right now. it won’t hurt. and the leave might grow alittle better. but the root hasn’t take place yet. so there no reason to be hurry. is not going to start growing fast untill there is enough root.
    so it won’t hurt but is not necesarry to to use that much light at this put because it just wont be growing all that much without now root. if your plant is dying without light that yes give light to them. otherwise i say save some money eletrictricity and wait untill they are ready. it won’t hurt by giving plant alot of light right now, but it wil only help a little more than with cfl bulb. is really up to you what you want to do. if you want the plant to grow fast right away than do it, if you can wait i say wait. wither way will work but if you want to save money and not have to wait too long. you don’t have to put to much light on it at this point, not untill i say a good 13 more days.

    so is really bad if you want to grow but not want to use to much electricity at this point. cause 13 more days is still alot of days of light if you talking hids. cfl now is only about a function of the price but is no wrong or right anwser here. if you can afford it that i say try it once and try cfl next tiem and see what’s work best and choice if you want to save money for the extra growth during this time. than go with that later on your growing years.

    This is my first grow, they sprouted on 12/7. I am worried that I am under watering them I usually water every 2 days. Lately the soil is getting very…